Act normal, that’s crazy enough

This famous Dutch proverb (literally translated here), basically expresses our Dutch egalitarian society. With our curtains open we look at our neighbours’ car to see if they are not showing off. It is deeply ingrained in our calvinistic society to not ever talk about the money we make, or to brag about the great job we have.

We Dutchies, however, have found a much subtler way to show how succesfull we have been in our lives. Ever since 1952 KLM has been giving out little porcelain houses filled with Bols genever to its business class customers. And it’s business class travellers only.

When visiting Dutch friends, it will serve you well to comment on the beauty of these little houses, as you notice them subtly arranged on your hosts mantle piece, or on top of a book case.
Don’t be fooled by their flippant reaction: ‘Oh yes, KLM has been giving them out for years’. Know that you have made your host very, very happy by noticing.

The Netherlands in five words

Last weekend the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions hosted a trip for 70 international meeting planners to show them the qualities of The Netherlands as a business/conference destination.

A boat trip on the Amsterdam canals, a bike ride through stunning The Hague, and power kiting on the Noordwijk beach were part of the programme. We visited the beautiful Hotel Okura for a workshop with Dutch suppliers and we drank a tasty genever cocktail at House of Bols.

Last but certainly not least, we had a very unique sneak preview of the newly renovated Scheepvaartmuseum which not even our queen has seen yet. The farewell jazz dinner in the luxury Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand topped the night off, and left everyone exhausted but happy.

Mr. Holland was there, and after two days of sightseeing asked his guests the following question: Could you describe the Netherlands in just one word? Here´s what they said, and don’t forget to take a look at the pictures we took.


Mauritshuis Den Haag


House of Bols




Workshop at Hotel Okura