The Maritime Museum; completely rejuvenated, still breathing history

During the recent fam trip organized by the NBTC (Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions) we were the first to be welcomed into the completely renovated and rejuvenated Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) in Amsterdam. Even our Queen hadn’t seen it then!

Of course Mr. Holland is not keeping the gorgeous pictures for himself, so I’m sharing them with you! See below de very first photos of one of the most beautiful museums in the Netherlands, the completely renovated and beautifully revamped Scheepvaartmuseum. Enjoy!

Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam

Het Scheepsvaartmuseum showcases the long historic relationship between the Netherlands and the North Sea, and the cultural influences of this relationship. This is done in (interactive) displays and exhibitions, but most of all in the replica of the VOC-ship Amsterdam docked outside.
Scheepvaartmuseum AmsterdamHet Scheepvaartmuseum has been completely rejuvenated and fitted with all the amenities one would expect from a top notch conference location. Still, its history reverberates around all the beautiful spaces. Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam

Het Scheepvaartmuseum AmsterdamScheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam

To announce its brand new Facebook page, the Dutch National Maritime Museum made a special Seamail to Mark Zuckerberg. Did you know there would not have been Facebook without the Dutch?