Best shots from EIBTM 2013: get your ticket to Holland

I hope that you all are fully recovered from these awesome and exciting days in Barcelona. Now, when I’m adapted to the Dutch climate again I had time to sort out the many great pictures we made. Here is a collection of my favourite shots. Thank you all for contributing to this amazing experience. Special thanks go to Noordwijk Marketing for organising a really cool beach party.

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Are you one of the hosted buyers, who took a picture with me at my Holland booth? Then you should visit my Facebook Page to tag yourself in our picture and participate in my photo contest. A trip to Holland is waiting for you!

Best shots from IMEX America 2013: get your ticket to Holland


This gallery contains 25 photos.

I hope that you all are fully recovered from these awesome and exciting days in Las Vegas. Now, when I’m going back to Holland it’s time to wave goodbye and look back at a great trade show with many great … Continue reading

25 funniest photos of Mr Holland throwing paint around at #IMEX12 in Vegas

Now that the dust of the Nevada desert has settled and the orange paint has dried, it is fun to look back at the great times we had at IMEX America last month. I have made a selection of the 25 funniest photos with me emptying my bucket of orange paint over innocent bystanders. Which one is your favourite?

According to Facebook, this picture is the most ‘likable’: 524 people liked this picture of Dan Williams, which earned Dan an original Dutch VANMOOF bike.

The ‘big shots’ in the meetings industry

Check these ‘famous faces’ from our industry; you’ll probably know them all!

Martin Sirk, CEO at International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)

Alejandro Verzoub, Site president 2012

Amy Spatrisano, co-founder of the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC)  

Bryan Bruce, better know as @bryanbruce

Some of my favourite #Eventprofs ladies: @JessicaLevin, @Contivecchi & @JeniseFryatt

People with great acting skills!

The whole concept of the ‘flying blob of orange paint’ only works by the mercy of the acting skills of the ‘receiver’. These people really acted into it!

Special encounters: Mr. Holland was not the only mascotte in Vegas!

And finally: the groups!

I really enjoyed splashing larger groups. Somehow these pictures look really realistic, don’t you think?

That’s it folks! What’s your favourite?

Looking forward to bringing my bucket of orange paint to EIBTM in Barcelona in 3 weeks. Please come by our Holland Booth (J300) to take a funny photo with me!

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Social Networking on your flight, KLM makes it possible

I‘ve spent a lot of time on planes in my life, but KLM must be one of the most innovative airlines out there. Their new social seating function, ‘Meet and Seat’ must be the latest example of this.

The genius idea behind ‘Meet and Seat’ is that passengers can take a look at each other’s interests or profession by linking their Facebook or Linkedin profiles to the flight. It also shows them who is coming to the same event for example. You can choose who you would like to sit next to and start networking in real life during your flight! This way flying becomes much more social and allows you to make valuable connections. KLM is adding value to your flight! Very clever, in my humble opinion!

For a complete walk through of the process watch the instruction video here:

I May we’re all going to IMEX in Frankfurt of course! So check if I’m on your flight and join me for a chat on board.

Have you tried flying with Seat and Meet? Please share your stories with me.

Meet Mr. Holland

Hi! My name is Mr. Holland. I get a lot of questions about my name. My name is Mr. Holland because I know everything there is to know about Holland, so you could say I am a living symbol of everything this beautiful country stands for. I was born and raised in Holland. You might know me from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Here I share my love for Holland and my knowledge of planning meetings with you.

I am a good singer, if I may say so. I play in band and I just am a typical Dutch bloke. People describe me as a friendly lad, not a player, not a big mouth but cheeky and just fun! I think this description of me is just like I would describe Holland.

I work at The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) as a Holland Host. Working there had taught me a lot about planning meetings. I’m here to help you planning your meeting in our small but beautiful country so if you have any question about Holland or me, just let me know!

I believe you should go see the town you are visiting and have a little fun with your attendees. That’s the reason why if you read my tweets or posts on Facebook you will notice I try to make a mix between meeting tips en tools, talking about good venues, handy information about the city and just plain fun. If you just want to read my meeting planning tips you should add me on LinkedIn.

I hope you have a better picture of me and know who to get to when you have a question about planning a meeting and Holland. Talk to you soon!