King’s Day 2015 – Dordrecht

On Monday the 27th it’s one of the happiest days of the year in Holland: King’s Day! Remember the tourist review I did with lucky price winner Daise? You still have time to participate in the biggest orange party of the year! This year the King and Queen will visit Dordrecht, a city in the western part of the country. What can we expect during this day? Find out in this blog!

King and Queen

The Royal family visits Dordrecht
Every year the King and Queen (and others of the Royal family) visit one or several places in the country to celebrate together with the nation. This year they will visit beautiful Dordrecht. Between 11:00 and 13:15 they walk a route between Groothoofd, via the Great Church, Scheffersplein and the Court to Statenplein. After the visit of the royal family is done, there is still much to do in town.

At several places you can find live music, dj’s and amateur street musicians. And of course there is a flee market and lots of nice food stands!

Didnt get the memo


You can’t really miss King’s day. Well… maybe only if you missed last year’s memo that Queen’s day turned into King’s day and is held on a different date from now on. Whoops…

The rest of Holland
Wherever you are.. There are local celebrations everywhere! Visit the big flea market in the Vondelpark early on in the day. Or even better.. start celebrating the night before King’s Day during one of the more famous music festivals in The Hague.

What is King’s Day and why the orange?
A lot of people ask me these questions. What is up with the colour orange? And what do we celebrate during King’s Day? Check out this page full with interesting facts and information about our Royal family, the colour orange and more fun stuff to do this Monday.

I can’t wait! Will I see you in orange this King’s Day?

Holland’s first King’s day: a tourist’s review

Do you remember the Facebook competition a while ago? You were able to win a trip for two to Holland during King’s day weekend. Daise Graca from Grass Roots was the lucky winner. Curious as I am, I asked her all about first Orange madness experience.

Daise Graca

How did you experience King’s day as a tourist?
I had a great time in Amsterdam on King’s Day! The whole city was dressed in Orange, and everyone was in a party mood.

Could you explain in your own words what King’s day is all about? What can other people expect?
King’s day is the people’s celebration of the King’s Birthday. It’s a major celebration that takes place everywhere in Holland, and in particularly in Amsterdam, by the form of a massive street party.

Where did you go and how did you spend your weekend?
I went to the centre of Amsterdam, to the flea market and went to a party at the RAI Amsterdam.

What was the funniest/greatest part of your weekend?
The funniest part was to see babies and adults dressed up in the orange colour.

Did you try any Dutch foods? Did you go on a canal boat? Did you wear the orange outfit? What was the weirdest outfit you saw on the streets?
I’ve tried a lot of the Dutch dishes and I was particularly found of the chocolate chips you spread on the bread (Mr. Holland: hagelslag!). The weirdest outfit was someone dressed as an Orange! We joined the party and also wore Orange t-shirts. See the picture at the beginning of this blog post!

Will you come back in the future to celebrate King’s day with the Dutch again?
I will definitely go back to celebrate King’s Day.

How did you like your stay at Novotel? What, would you say, are their USP’s?
The Novotel offers very modern facilities, with internet hubs in the lobby and an amazing variety for breakfast.

Would you recommend Novotel?
I will definitely recommend and use the Novotel for my client’s conferences.

Holland’s first King’s Day; what to do and where to go?

Queen’s Day, the day on which the Dutch used to celebrate Queen Beatrix’s birthday, was our favorite day of the year. Not only did we get the day off, but everyone celebrated it together! Queen Beatrix abdicated in 2013, in favour of her eldest son, Prince Willem-Alexander. Exit Queen’s Day, welcome King’s Day, the start of a new tradition. We will celebrate our first King’s Day on 26 April 2014.

King's day

Being in Holland during King’s Day will make your business meeting very special. The myriad festivities and the lovely spring weather will add creativity and pleasure to your sessions. There are a ton of things to do and see on the eve of King’s Day and on the day itself. We have a few great tips for you. I bet you will want to join next year!

Royal family walkabout
The royal family will visit Amstelveen and De Rijp, close to Amsterdam, on King’s Day 2014. During their visit, they will become acquainted with the various cultural and historical aspects of these two towns. The royals will also take part in music and sports festivities. The visits will be broadcast live on Dutch television.

Flea markets
Are you into vintage and budget treasures? On King’s Day there are flea markets in almost every city of the country. The right spot for your stall is conducive to selling all your second-hand items, therefore, many people claim their ideal spot a few days in advance.

A huge variety of goods is sold at the flea markets. Clothes, toys, furniture, games, and traditional foods. Join the Dutch on this special day and try the country’s favorite savory snack ‘bitter balls’,´ and the ever-popular stroopwafels (caramel waffles). This is the perfect day to taste all kinds of Dutch treats. Enjoy!

Party time
Pick your city and have some fun! It does not really matter which city you choose, as there are fun activities everywhere. Use our venue finder to easily find a place to stay.

The party atmosphere in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam is unlike anything you have ever experienced internationally. All along the crisscrossing bridges and canals, revelers take to the streets in hilarious orange outfits, in honour of our national colour. This year, Amsterdam boasts four large open-air dance festivals. We recommend the Kingsland Festival in Amsterdam RAI. National and international DJs perform on four stages from 12 noon to 8:00 p.m. 

It is hard to choose from all the great outdoor festivals and activities in Rotterdam. Pushed to pick one, we would opt for the spectacular fireworks at the river Maas. Close to the Erasmus bridge and the Euromast tower you can enjoy the end of your day with a bang! Are you spending the night? Enjoy beautiful views of the skyline in the recently opened Nhow Hotel on the opposite side of the river Maas.

If you stay in the center of Holland, in Utrecht, you will have a great time. Utrecht has lots of outdoor cafes adjacent to its canals. You can enjoy the scenery while having lunch or dinner. If you have your meeting on Friday 25 April, you can combine it with the King’s Day Eve party ’The revolution’ in the newly opened TivoliVredenburg venue.

The Hague
The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and parliament, and famous for its King’s Day Eve festival. The ’Life I Live’ festival with its nine stages, is free of charge. The Hague is a city of rock music, so be prepared for some swinging rock ’n’ roll! Check our latest destination rapport The Hague for venues and restaurants. 

Enjoy the golden oldies in Groningen’s city centre during the open-air ’Like the 80s & 90s’ festival. The festival takes place on Friday and Saturday night, and is free of charge. Do you need a place to stay? We recommend a local style ‘borg’ just outside the city, De Piloersema. It dates back to 1633 and is the only remaining farmhouse of its kind. Here you can have a private dinner or meeting, from ten to 80 people. Nice detail, the owners previously ran a Michelin-star restaurant, and strive to offer a top culinary experience for their guests.

Why not enjoy the beach by day and dance by night at the royal dance party in Club Conversation? This club is located in the famous Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk. Yes, you are right, the very same venue in which President Obama stayed during the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit! 

Competition winner
Last week we announced the winner of our ‘Check your details and win a trip to King’s Day in Holland’ competition. The winner will be joining us in Amsterdam to celebrate this fantastic historic event. In an orange outfit, of course! 

Watch the fun video of me selecting the winner. 

If you want more information about King’s Day, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing your King’s Day selfies on our Facebook page!

Queen’s Day in Holland: a warm welcome for Willem-Alexander

On April 30th our beloved Queen Beatrix will pass the crown to her son Prince Willem-Alexander. Time to introduce our future King of The Netherlands.

The Prince of Orange

Since the installation of Queen Beatrix in 1980, Willem Alexander has been wearing the title ‘Prince of Orange’.  He was born on 27 April 1967 as the first child of The Queen and her husband Prince Claus van Arnsberg.  After completing secondary education, he performed compulsory military service in the Royal Netherlands Navy. From 1987, he studied history and received his master’s degree in 1993.

Blog Holland Queen's Day Prince Willem-Alexander

 …and his queen Maxima

On 2 Febuary 2002, the prince married Maxima Zorreguieta from Argentina. With the installation of King Willem-Alexander, Maxima will become Queen of The Netherlands. Together, they have three daughters: Princess Catharina-Amalia, who will become the next ‘crown princess’ of Holland, and her sisters Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane.

Blog Holland Queen's Day Prince Willem-Alexander family

A busy schedule

Due to a broad number of interests and functions, Prince Willem-Alexander leads a busy life. Together with his mother, Prince Willem-Alexander represents the Royal House at official national and international events and accompanies her on state visits. Supported by his wife, he is protector of the endowment foundation Oranje Fonds (Orange Funds), which was set up as a national wedding gift. The foundation supports various social initiatives in Holland.


Important functions

Further, the Prince is an advocate for various areas of expertise. For instance, he was involved in national and international water management. In 2006, he became director of the UNSGAB, the international advisory board for water issues. Since 1998, he had been a member of the International Olympic Committee and was strongly involved with the 2012 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Besides, he had a number of functions within the Dutch military. Since January 2013 the Prince has quit all of these functions to prepare himself for the throne.


Sing along with the Dutch on King’s Day!

In a few weeks we will welcome our new King with huge celebrations. Since April 2nd there is an app that invites people to write lyrics for King’s Song. This song will be performed by famous Dutch artists during the coronation and all people in Holland are invited to sing along.

Of course you are invited too. You can join us in person or follow my Social Media live report. Will you sing along with us? (you may also sing in English!)