It’s all about orange!

From adding some orange to doing the orange twist – orange surely was the dominant theme in my years as Mr Holland. You can’t really blame me though, can you? And since my memory is starting to fade – I’m not getting younger after all – I decided I’d take my end-of-year recap a bit further this time and take a longer trip down memory lane. So I dug up my time capsule and revisited all the campaigns we did over the years. Care to join me for the ride?

1. Add Some Orange

Back in 2012 it all started with adding some orange to your event. Remember this one:

Holland #IMEX12 Vegas DestinationI had so much fun walking around the exhibition floors with my orange paint blob and adding some orange to each and everyone I encountered. And from the looks of it, all the eventprofs had quite some fun as well:

And by now you all know that I love to sing a tune whenever I get the chance. In this case I actually wrote this little song to show that by adding some orange, you’ll losen up before you know it. Can you still sing along? I sure can!

2. Dutch Masters

Dutch MastersHolland is the home of many remarkable artists like van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer, just to name a few. So in 2013 we offered eventprofs the unique opportunity to create a true Dutch masterpiece with yours truly. I mean, selfies were so 2012 at that point!

3. Dreaming of Holland

Needless to say that I’m dreaming about Holland a lot. So no wonder that this campaign was probably one of my favourites as I simply got to share my dream with you.

Dreaming of HollandAnd I think you all really liked dreaming of Holland as well – with or without me:

4. Orange Twist

In Holland, we tend to do things differently. We open doors that stay closed for others. We turn ‘left’ where others go ‘right’. We make the impossible possible by giving situations a different twist. Or rather, an orange twist!

give it the orange twistAnd since I wanted to add yet another twist, I even wrote a song about the orange twist for you. So turn up the volume and let’s do some twisting together:

At the 2015 trade shows I challenged eventprofs from around the world to join me in doing the orange twist. And let me tell you, you all were exceptionally twisted. Who would have thought!


5. Holland Moves

Holland MovesAt last, but of course not at least, we took things to a new level in 2016. In fact, we showed you how Holland moves your meeting to a higher level. Because in Holland, we like to stir up things and look for new opportunities and we keep moving to stay inspired. And you all showed us that you like to keep it moving just as much as we do:

Holland keeps you moving

Even though I can’t tell you yet what fun – and surely orange – campaign will be waiting for you come 2017, I can promise you this: Holland will keep you moving, no matter what! So make sure to drop by the Holland stand at IMEX Frankfurt, The Meetings Show UK, IMEX America or ibtm world. Team Holland is looking forward to welcoming you!

And now I want to know: which was your favourite campaign in the past 5 years? And I’m even more curious to know if there is anyone out here who has a picture of each and every one of them!

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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