ijVENUES: the one-stop-shop waterfront location in Amsterdam (and front row location during SAIL!)

Last year November ijVENUES was introduced: a new collaboration between 4 venues all located around the IJ in Amsterdam: Bimhuis, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam and Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre. Have a look:

What is ijVENUES?
The collaboration between four different music and hospitality organisations at the IJ (lake in Amsterdam) has resulted in a co-creation and the formation of ijVENUES. The collaboration distinguishes itself by its unique nature and the broad cultural network. Conferences and events up to 5,000 participants, of which 1250 in plenary sessions, 20 breakout rooms and over 4,000 m2 of floor space can be held here.ijVENUES

Why choose ijVENUES?
ijVENUES offers meeting & conference organisers a one-stop-shop with a fantastic waterfront location, extremely good accessibility and onsite hotel (unique in Amsterdam).

For what type of events is ijVENUES suitable?
ijVENUES is a suitable location for corporate and association conferences, exhibitions, music-related meetings and events for up to 5,000 participants. Of course, you don’t need to use all locations simultaneously. It’s also possible to hire, for example, two locations under the banner of ijVENUES. Think of product launches, fashion shows, shareholder meetings, fairs, (press) conferences, networking events, dinners, meetings and more.

How does ijVENUES use the IJ?
Firstly, most of the halls and rooms are overlooking the water. In addition, through various partnerships we can include activities in a program on and around the IJ. For example meetings, parties and cruises. All activities during the 5 days of Sail 2015 are in and around the IJ, that makes ijVENUES the ultimate front row location.

What makes the IJ special for business guests?
It’s a location that is easily accessible by boat, bicycle, car and public transport. There are enough parking facilities and a private bus / suppliers access. The location is easy to close and secure for large gatherings. In addition, it’s central to the water and it will only take you 10 minutes to get to Dam Square. Our architecture provides plenty of light and the space itself makes the location full of atmosphere – not much decoration is needed.

ijVENUESWhat makes a meeting around the IJ different and unlike anywhere else in Amsterdam?
The IJ is a special part of Amsterdam, and gets more and more positive attention. Formerly a vendors road town that provisioned the city with its food supply and finished goods. Nowadays a waterway that mainly offers fun and relaxation, with phenomenal views of the city. During Sail the IJ is a colourful collection of international tall ships. Have a look at the program.