Why The Hague should be on your meeting destination shortlist

In the Netherlands, when referring to The Hague, we often sing ‘Oh oh The Hague, beautiful city, behind the dunes.’ How true that is! But The Hague is so much more than a beach resort and government city. Let’s have a closer look and find out why The Hague should definitely be on your meeting destination shortlist.

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exterior of the Peace Palace in The Hague

To start of let’s have a look at the video about The Hague as a convention destination. It gives you all the facts and figures you need in just 2 minutes.

Welcome to the hometown of our Royal Family!

The Hague holds the seat for the Dutch national government, the International Court of Justice and is called home by the Dutch Royal Family. But this is just the tip of the veil why The Hague has an international appeal for meeting planners.

A city with many faces

business men at a reception and dinner at The Harbour Club in ScWith its historical city centre, beautiful harbour, vibrant & quiet beaches and unique seaside marina, The Hague is the essence of Dutch authenticity. Even in winter the beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin are a popular place for surfers and kite boarders catching the best waves and winds. All year round you can enjoy the cultural diversity of the city. The many annual festivals, museums and theatres cater to all audiences.

Congress destination

NSS_MississippiOne of Holland’s largest conference centres, the World Forum Convention Center, is situated in the historic heart of The Hague. With a lot of experience in prestigious conferences, such as the Afghanistan Summit in 2009, the Nuclear Security Summit 2014 and Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS) 2015, the entire city is designed to host small to large-scale events. Making The Hague an easy accessible city with 9,000 hotel rooms in international renowned hotel chains. Next to the well-known venues, The Hague cherishes a selection of characteristic and unusual locations. Great for the corporations and meeting planners that look for something one of a kind and outside the box. Who could say they had a meeting in a Fokker Terminal?


The Hague is home to The Hague Security Delta (HSD), the largest security cluster in Europe. The city has a strong focus on business development, particularly in its key economic sectors: life sciences and health, finance, security, energy and ICT & telecom. Especially in these sectors The Hague has proven to be a great fit as a meeting and conference destination.

Netherlands, Den Haag. Binnenhof en Hofvijver

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For more information go to www.visitthehague.com.

A day in… The Hague

The city of The Hague is located in the Randstad, a metropolitan region at the western part of Holland. It is the third biggest region of the country, capital of the South-Holland province and host of the government, parliament and residence of the royal family. Whether you are planning your meeting here or just want to explore the city, spending the day in The Hague gives you a lot of business and leisure options.

The Hague

The Hague is the third largest region of Holland
The Hague is the international city of peace and justice
The Hague hosts most of the foreign embassies and ministries
Population: 510,909

Getting there
The Hague is easy to reach by car, plane or public transportation. The Hague has an airport (Rotterdam The Hague Aiport) just a few tube stops away from the city centre. From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you can take the train (60 minutes) or go by car (45 minutes).

Meeting and business venues 
The city offers a wide variety of meeting venues, hotels and inspirational conference rooms. With its characteristic architecture and picturesque harbour it will be easy to find a venue with inspiring views within the lively city centre.

Case study
In 2014, 58 world leaders were in The Hague to attend the nuclear security summit (NSS) that took place in the World Forum convention centre. The Hague is a well-organised, hospitable and safe convention destination, and showed that it was well able to host 58 world leaders, 3,000 journalists, and 5,000 delegation members.

Staying in The Hague? You might want to consider the recently opened Marriott Hotel The Hague. But there are many, many, many more options. How about NH Hotel The Hague or Novotel The Hague City Centre?

Hidden secrets
How would you like a meeting in a glue and gelatine factory or a former girl orphanage? There are many more inspirational and special venues in The Hague. On our hidden secret page we collect all of them for you.

After your meeting
The Hague is a great place to spend a day or two. They have a broad range of museums, shopping areas, restaurants and sights.

Mauritshuis – Home of the ‘girl with a pearl earring’ painting by master Johannes Vermeer.
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag – A stunning collection of modern art in a beautiful art deco building. Be inspired!
Panorama Mesdag – Watch the sea, beach, dunes and fishing village Scheveningen. The largest circular canvas in Europe, Panorama Mesdag, makes it possible.
Escher in het Paleis – Escher in Het Paleis is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the world-famous artist M.C. Escher, whose art startled millions of people all over the world.

Shopping areas
City centre – The inner city of The Hague is a wonderful place for a shopping spree. You will find many fashion and shoe shops with something to offer for every budget, from exclusive ‘haute couture’ to popular big brands and trendy design shops.
Haagsche Passage – This is the oldest shopping centre in Holland, with beautiful architecture and some really nice shops. There are fashion and jewellery and book shops, as well as a great shop for kitchenware, in the Passage between the Spuistraat, Hofweg and Buitenhof.
Noordeinde: Unique district embracing the Royal Palace. Here you will find renowned art galleries, exclusive antiques shops, and jewellery shops. Go here for contemporary design as well as classical masters.
The Hague Market – It’s the biggest outdoor market in Europe. The Hague Market is locally pronounced as the ‘Haagse Mart’ and is located on Herman Coster street. You can buy just about everything here on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Approximately 25,000 people visit the Hague Market each market day.

Casual or Michelin star restaurant? City vibe or intimate setting? A view at the lively, characteristic streets or from a panoramic high building? The Hague has it all. Throughout The Hague you can find many restaurants. But these restaurants are very popular:

HanTing – Michelin star / Fusion / Asian
Mazie – Biological / Classic
De Dagvisser – Fish / Harbour
Private dining Frederik  – Burgundian / private / business

The Passage The Hague

When you are in The Hague it is almost impossible not to notice that the sea and beach is close. Visit the fishing harbours or spend the day at the beach in Scheveningen. Also fun to do: exploring miniature park Madurodam and visit all the different palaces in The Hague; such as Noordeinde palace and Huis ten Bosch.

A day in The Hague.. 
With all these tips I am almost sure you need a few extra days of stay in The Hague. Have fun and let me know your favourite part of the city!

Would you like to find out more about The Hague? Then head on over to our The Hague pages on the official Holland Meetings website. There you will also find information about the The Hague Convention Bureau.

Holland’s first King’s Day; what to do and where to go?

Queen’s Day, the day on which the Dutch used to celebrate Queen Beatrix’s birthday, was our favorite day of the year. Not only did we get the day off, but everyone celebrated it together! Queen Beatrix abdicated in 2013, in favour of her eldest son, Prince Willem-Alexander. Exit Queen’s Day, welcome King’s Day, the start of a new tradition. We will celebrate our first King’s Day on 26 April 2014.

King's day

Being in Holland during King’s Day will make your business meeting very special. The myriad festivities and the lovely spring weather will add creativity and pleasure to your sessions. There are a ton of things to do and see on the eve of King’s Day and on the day itself. We have a few great tips for you. I bet you will want to join next year!

Royal family walkabout
The royal family will visit Amstelveen and De Rijp, close to Amsterdam, on King’s Day 2014. During their visit, they will become acquainted with the various cultural and historical aspects of these two towns. The royals will also take part in music and sports festivities. The visits will be broadcast live on Dutch television.

Flea markets
Are you into vintage and budget treasures? On King’s Day there are flea markets in almost every city of the country. The right spot for your stall is conducive to selling all your second-hand items, therefore, many people claim their ideal spot a few days in advance.

A huge variety of goods is sold at the flea markets. Clothes, toys, furniture, games, and traditional foods. Join the Dutch on this special day and try the country’s favorite savory snack ‘bitter balls’,´ and the ever-popular stroopwafels (caramel waffles). This is the perfect day to taste all kinds of Dutch treats. Enjoy!

Party time
Pick your city and have some fun! It does not really matter which city you choose, as there are fun activities everywhere. Use our venue finder to easily find a place to stay.

The party atmosphere in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam is unlike anything you have ever experienced internationally. All along the crisscrossing bridges and canals, revelers take to the streets in hilarious orange outfits, in honour of our national colour. This year, Amsterdam boasts four large open-air dance festivals. We recommend the Kingsland Festival in Amsterdam RAI. National and international DJs perform on four stages from 12 noon to 8:00 p.m. 

It is hard to choose from all the great outdoor festivals and activities in Rotterdam. Pushed to pick one, we would opt for the spectacular fireworks at the river Maas. Close to the Erasmus bridge and the Euromast tower you can enjoy the end of your day with a bang! Are you spending the night? Enjoy beautiful views of the skyline in the recently opened Nhow Hotel on the opposite side of the river Maas.

If you stay in the center of Holland, in Utrecht, you will have a great time. Utrecht has lots of outdoor cafes adjacent to its canals. You can enjoy the scenery while having lunch or dinner. If you have your meeting on Friday 25 April, you can combine it with the King’s Day Eve party ’The revolution’ in the newly opened TivoliVredenburg venue.

The Hague
The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and parliament, and famous for its King’s Day Eve festival. The ’Life I Live’ festival with its nine stages, is free of charge. The Hague is a city of rock music, so be prepared for some swinging rock ’n’ roll! Check our latest destination rapport The Hague for venues and restaurants. 

Enjoy the golden oldies in Groningen’s city centre during the open-air ’Like the 80s & 90s’ festival. The festival takes place on Friday and Saturday night, and is free of charge. Do you need a place to stay? We recommend a local style ‘borg’ just outside the city, De Piloersema. It dates back to 1633 and is the only remaining farmhouse of its kind. Here you can have a private dinner or meeting, from ten to 80 people. Nice detail, the owners previously ran a Michelin-star restaurant, and strive to offer a top culinary experience for their guests.

Why not enjoy the beach by day and dance by night at the royal dance party in Club Conversation? This club is located in the famous Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk. Yes, you are right, the very same venue in which President Obama stayed during the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit! 

Competition winner
Last week we announced the winner of our ‘Check your details and win a trip to King’s Day in Holland’ competition. The winner will be joining us in Amsterdam to celebrate this fantastic historic event. In an orange outfit, of course! 

Watch the fun video of me selecting the winner. 

If you want more information about King’s Day, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing your King’s Day selfies on our Facebook page!

Meet in The Hague: a destination to make great decisions

The Hague is often referred to as a city of many faces. While Amsterdam is the official capital of Holland, the national government and the residence of the Dutch royal family are settled in The Hague. I have been on another site inspection to check out the meeting facilities in the secret capital for you.

Blog Holland The Hague

The international appeal of The Hague is even more overwhelming than in Amsterdam. More than half of the population are not Dutch natives. About 160 international organizations, 107 embassies and 316 international businesses have their seat in The Hague. The broad cultural diversity is expressed in many colourful festivals, museums and theatres.

My friends of The Hague Convention Bureau told me that The Hague has been a place to meet for centuries. Since the first Peace Conference in 1899 took place, prominent people from all over the world come together to share ideas and make decisions. Today, The Hague is officially renowned as the City of Peace and Justice and is the official seat of the Interational Criminal Court of Justice. Are you facing a meeting with conflicting stakeholder interests or cultural barriers? Do you need to share a difficult message or make  a big decisions for your company? Then The Hague is your destination.

Blog Holland Thalys


You can reach The Hague via Airport Rotterdam and The Hague. Since Holland’s second airport is less busy than Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can benefit from quicker chek-in’s and comfortable departure times to 34 destinations. Guests from Belgium and France have a great connection with Hispeed and Thalys trains. I you don’t like flying, StenaLine offers a convenient and affordable ferry service from Harwich to Hook of Holland, twice per day.


Blog Holland World Forum

Hidden Secrets

Venue: Caballero Factory, a former cigarette factory, which has been transformed to an inspirational business venue with industrial charme

Restaurant: De Tapperij, a quiet and cosy restaurant in style of the 19th century

Activity: vist the harbour of The Hague, buzzing with activities from fishermen and yachting enthusiasts

After you meeting

How much time do you have before you leave? If you have less than a day you should enjoy the rich history in the city centre of The Hague.  The official tourist office offers special Art & Antiques Walks, a tour that leads you through the many antique shops, galleries and auction houses. In the evening you can visit one of the many theatre stages like Korzo Theater to enjoy cabaret, a musical or dance performance.

You have a whole day or more time to send in The Hague? The I recommend you to check out another face of the city. Die to its appealing location at the shores of the north sea, The Hague owns the two popular seaside resorts Scheveningen and Kijkduin, which both are popular playgrounds for surfers and kiteboarders. Especially in summertime, these places are a must-see.

Blog Holland Scheveningen

More information

For all questions about meetings and activities in The Hague, you can contact my friends from The Hague Convention Bureau.

Ready to add some orange to the UK Meetings Show?

I’m on my way to London and guess what I’m bringing? A big bucket with orange paint to add some colour to the UK Meetings Show. Will you be there? Be welcome at my Holland stand but watch out: I can’t wait to throw some paint at you. But if you just bring a second set of clothes, we will have a lot of fun together. As a reward you will receive a personal oranged-splashed foto to remind you of the show.

IMG_0184Did you know that the colour orange helps you lose focus from your beaten track and see things from another point of view? Perfect for a meeting that is ought to bringt creative solutions! The Dutch are famous for doing things a little different than the rest of the world (maybe that’s we have chosen orange as our colour). Maybe the Dutch way of thinking could inspire your meeting delegates? In London you can try to add some orange to your way of thinking.

Will I meet your there?

UK Meetings Show 2013: Will I meet you in London?

Still dreaming about IMEX 2013 in Frankfurt I am also looking forward to my next event. Just a few days to go before I pack my suitcase for the UK Meetings Show.  I am really excited to meet you all, so just watch out for my orange suit and make sure that the Holland Meeting Point lies on your direction. Of course my friends and partners will join me at the booth. Check out who will be there.

Blog Holland UK Meetings Show

Me and my friends can’t wait to welcome you at our Holland stand. Will you come to visit us?