Creative meeting design: Settings to inspire

In one of my previous blogpost I mentioned some aspects that make your meeting a boring, repetitive routine. Time to focus on the helpful tips: how can you turn your meeting into an inspiring and succesful event?
Creative ideas emerge when your mind combines two or more existing concepts in a new way or applies an old idea to a new domain. How can you trigger that process? By tickling you senses with new surroundings. Change the setting!

Set up for eye contact

Face to face contact is probably the most important advantage of meetings, so you should choose for a setting that allows people to see each others faces. A circle or a u-shaped form are the best options. Both forms encourage interaction and puts everyone on the same level. The visual contact might also prevent your participants from distraction.

Blog Holland creative meeting design sunshine

Let the sun shine in

If you have the opportunity you should plan your meeting in an outside venue. Research has shown that natural surroundings stimulate our short term memory and creativity. Bright daylight boost your energy and attention. If you don’t have the option to gather outside make sure that you pick a meeting room with big windows and encourage participants to go outside during the breaks.

Keep moving

Passive sitting and listening is kills our concentration and creativity. The brain develops when we are physically active. Plan regular breaks and make sure that your guests get up, walk around and chat. Encourage them to take a different chair when they return to stimulate a change of perspective.

Blog Holland creative meeting design seatin

Make yourself a home

You participants differ age, lenght and weight so you can expect that they have different physical needs. Ideally you have various types of chairs to offer everyone a comfortable seat. Provide some refreshments and so that no one can get hungry or thirsty. Are you looking for a special venue in Holland? My official website has some great tips for you.

Add some colour

White walls may have a number of advantages but they are terribly boring. Research has shown that colours can have a significant impact on our mood. Maybe your venue has artwork available for you to use to liven up a meeting room. For creativity you should lay the focus on red and yellow. Both stimulate brain activity and mental processes. And never forget my favorite: Orange encourages social interaction. This guide tells you more about the psychology of colours.

Creative sketches

Research has shown that doodling helps the brain to focus. It prevents our mind from wandering away from a boring lecture or conference talk. As I said above our brain wants to be active. Thus the random sketches created by our hand are a coping mechanism to process all the stimuli we receive. At the same time we give our fantasy the freedom to experiment with the new information. Thus, some pens and paper around the room might stimulate some creative juices.

What do you do to get the best ideas out of your participants?

Please share your personal tips with me!

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