7 cool facts about Holland [infographic]

1 thought on “7 cool facts about Holland [infographic]

  1. There are a few things wrong about this. First of all, this infographic isn’t just about Holland, but about the entire Netherlands, hence the title is wrong. 2nd, the highest point in the Netherlands isn’t 323 meters high but 887 meters, namely the Mount Scenery on the island of Saba. The 323 meters tall hill is the highest point on the Dutch mainland, and isn’t just called “mountain” but “Vaalser Mountain” (Dutch: “Vaalserberg”), named after the nearby town of Vaals. Not all Dutch people speak “perfect English”. In fact, most Limburgers don’t speak English at all or horrible English. Also, whereas in most of the country, English is the people’s 2nd language (except Saba/St. Eustatius/Amsterdam where many native English speakers live), in the province of Friesland many people have Dutch as second language, Frisian being most people’s native language. Dutchmen don’t like orange because of the royal family (which isn’t that popular in the NL to begin with), but because it’s seen the colour which grants you some forgiveness for pressing the accelerator somewhat more before the light swiches to red.

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