May bike month: etiquette of riding a bike

May is the perfect month to explore the country by bike. The weather is lovely, the flowers are blooming and it’s just nice to be active and outside. But before you go off on your pretty orange rental, I want to give you some bike etiquette ‘rules’. For your own safety!

orange bike amsterdam

Use the bicycle lane
In Holland we have a lot of lanes especially made for bikers. They are usually red and have white painted bicycles on them. They are placed between the sidewalk and freeway. If there is no bike lane you can use the normal road. Do not use the sidewalk, you’ll get a ticket!

Stay on the right side of the road
In Holland we drive on the right side of the road. Since we are all quite experienced bikers we rode our bikes, fixies and bike trailers pretty fast. Staying on the right saves you from collisions with other bikers and… angry looks.

Use you hands
Want to go left or right? Use your hands to let other people know where you are going. Always check your blind spots before doing this, you don’t want to hit someone in the face.

The bell, use it wisely
It’s the soundtrack of Amsterdam, ringing bike bells. They are used for several purposes. 1) Watch out, here I come! 2) Go out of my way! 3) I am trying to pass you. 4) Hey, I know you. (This usually includes a wave) 5) Let’s hear if there’s an echo in this tunnel.

Have fun
Biking wouldn’t be so popular if it wasn’t fun. So, go out, explore and enjoy your time. Don’t forget to bring a map, sunscreen and a cap! Bring a basket with some treats and make a day out of it. Have fun!

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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