Cooling down in Zeeland

I feel very sad when I think about it, but my holiday is coming to an end. It’s time to take a plane back to Holland again. I have travelled through Europe so long, that I’m starting to miss the good, old Dutch cheese and bitterballen. Luckily, I have still some days left to settle in my homecountry again and recover from all my exciting adventures. I spend these days in Zeeland, a province in the southwest of Holland.


Exploring the nature of the coast

The beaches of Zeeland host many beautiful nature reserves. National Park Oosterschelde, for instance, is the biggest reserve in Holland and famous for its rich sea life. One evening I joined a field trip along the wadden sea. I’m lucky to have a guide, who seems to know everything about the plants and animals that live here. He shows us porpoises, seals, squids and various kinds of birds. If you are interested in nature I can only recommend such a trip for you.

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Riding the waves

The beaches in Zeeland provide all opportunities for water sports. Have you ever tried kite surfing? I have taken some lessons this week and I love it. The kite surf school at the Brouwersdam has very experienced instructors, who take care that you don’t drown under your kite. It’s really difficult in the beginning. I spend more time in the water than on my board. But I’m sure that it can be very much fun if you keep practicing.

Last chance to relax

After all these exciting kite surf lessons I feel a strong urge for a wellness day. Luckily, Zeeland has enough facilities where you can pamper yourself until you are soft and weak as pudding. I spend the last day of my holiday in a big sauna park near the Brouwersdam and I only move to walk from the steam sauna to the steep bath and back to my sunbed. When I feel like having sweat all the stress out of my body I get a massage from a very skilled and friendly employee. I wish I could stay a little longer…

Bye, bye holiday

The trip is over and I have to go back to the office. Of course, I’m a little sad but I’m also looking forward to IMEX America and EIBTM, when I meet you all to tell you more about my holiday. See you there?