How to write a kick-off speech that rocks

Corporate christmas and kick-off events are always accompanied by a number of speeches. While some speakers embrace the opportunity to have their say, their audience might be enthusiastic about this part of the program. Many speeches are long, boring and contain many standard phrases. To prevent you audience from falling asleep during your kick-off event, I have searched for rules that make great speeches. This year, you will hold an awesome speech with these great tips.

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The length of a perfect speech

It might be tempting to put all statistics, successes and failures of the year into one speech. Speakers, who love the sound of their own voice have the habit of talking to long. However, the attention span of your audience is not long enough to follow you all the way. Did you know that US President Lincoln, one of the most popular speakers, held speeches of less than two minutes? Try to capture the key emotions and ideas into a compact message of not more than 10 minutes. Your audience will be grateful.

The opening of a perfect speech

Most openings are pretty standard. They start off with a flat joke and many acknowledgements to all possible partners and sponsors. As a consequence you lose your audience right away. Abandon such formalities and get to the point right away. Introduce your topic with a personal anecdote that illustrates your central message. You can also open with a startling statistic that relates to your company and build your message on it. Whatever method you choose, it is important that you reach your audience right away, grab their attention and talk to them as if you were in a personal conversation.

The content of a perfect speech

Don’t just speak to because it is expected of you. Don’t write one of these standard speeches, which can be given any year. Prepare your speech especially for this special occasion to bring across this special message. Try to sum up the central development of the last year in one or two sentences. This is the foundation and the red line of your speech. Use quotes, outstanding examples and happenings to underline this message. Your speech should not be educative, analytic or logical, because it is not meant to celebrate you or your company. It is meant to thank your employees for their great efforts, motivate them to keep the good work and face all challenges with a smile. It is perfectly okay to speak to larger causes and ideals as long as you answer the hopes and needs of your audience.

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End strong with your speech

Aside from the opening, your last line is the most important line. Therefore you should end with the message you want people to remember. It is perfectly okay to steal some words from another brilliant speaker, as long as they have a connection with your company.

So, are you ready to write your very best speech this year? Let me know if you have any more tips or ideas about this. Good luck!