SAIL Amsterdam seen from ijVENUES

From 19 till the 23rd of August, Amsterdam was the centre of the nautical world during SAIL 2015. What started out as an event to celebrate Amsterdam’s 700th jubilee in 1975 has evolved to one of the biggest events in the world. This year, nearly 2.3 million people enjoyed the event to the fullest: the Tall Ships, the heritage ships, all the cultural events and the entertainment, the innovative ‘Oceans’ structure, the National SAIL debate and the relaxed atmosphere.

The IJdeal location
And ijVENUES was right in the middle of all festivities! Despite all the security measures taken because of the huge public event at the doorstep, three major events were organised at ijVENUES. If this is possible, everything is possible, right?

3 major events during SAIL
The 3 events that were organised all had their own specific character and audience. For starters
ijVENUES was the host for the SAIL organisation and served as an official press location on the Main Deck. Meanwhile a themed Marina Club event took place on the Terrace and restaurant, a sort of VIP deck for corporate groups. And last but not least an international conference was planned in the Auditorium!

Watch the video below and have a look how huge the event was, how ijVENUES served over 5000 guests and why you should consider ijVENUES as a partner for your next event. During SAIL 2020 or any other time! Good to know: ijVENUES can host conferences up to 1900 people.