Top 10: let’s go outside!

The summer has officially begun! About time I share a top 10 with you including venues that offer great outdoor facilities for your meeting or after meeting activities.

1) Remember the blog from a couple of days ago? Hotels van Oranje’s Beachclub O. offers several facilities for you business meeting only a few metres from the beach!

beachclub o.

2) Het Rijk van de Keizer (The Empire of the Emperor) is an inspiring meeting location in the grasslands of Amsterdam, situated in a UNESCO World Heritage area. You can have your meeting inside, in one of the historical buildings, or outside in green surroundings. The food served is fresh, organic, seasonal and imaginative.

rijk van de keizer

3) Meet in the open air or in a Finnish Kota, have a barbecue and roll in your tipi tent for a good night sleep. It’s possible at the tipi terrain nearby Nijmegen. There are places to cook your own dinner, but it is also possible to be catered.


4) At ‘De Heide‘ you can combine meeting and sleeping in a wooden cabin with several cool activities like a falconers workshop, climbing wall or traditional wooden shoe dance.

wooden cabin

5) What’s more fun than to meet in a tree house? The tree house meeting room of Kaban is a unique place under the lee of the Kapellerput estate. A place to get together for a top level meeting out in the splendour of nature. The venue is located in the top of the trees, with breathtaking views across the trees and marshes.


6) Meeting in an authentic farm with wet peatland at your feet. This is what meeting location Tent Polle offers in the area of Friesland. Between meetings a ranger takes you along the waters by foot or by barge.


7) Also very special: meeting on a traditional boat! An inspiring location on the water. Tjalk Titan offers an exciting combination of a traditional white exterior with a modern, luxurious and trendy interior on the inside.

titaan tjalk

8) Meetings with a view on the lake of Laagravense in the Utrecht region? Down Under offers a location with diverse possibilities. They have three meeting rooms, conference packages and a wide choice of (water) activities for corporate events or corporate parties.

down under

9) Meeting in a castle is something different. At Castle Duurstede you can combine inside and outside areas to your liking. This enchanting location is surrounded by a moat and only accessible by a drawbridge. The particular venue, away from any traffic noise, with his unique castle towers and spacious courtyard makes it a special and very unique location.

castle duurstede

10) Have you ever had a meeting in a zoo? Well, at Amersfoort Zoo you can! You can pause intense conference sessions to explore the park with a guide. You can also get to know your colleagues through a unique species game. Do you team mates have more in common with elephants or baboons? Who is actually the hyena of the group?

amersfoort zoo


Don’t you get all excited to plan a new meeting with these great outdoor venues? I know I do!

Work more efficiently with these tips

Whether you are working from home or from a cubicle, everybody is busy, busy, busy and trying to get the most out of every workday. I want to share some of my easy to use tips to work more efficiently.

work more efficiently with these tips

Cut your to-do list in half
Do you sometimes start your day with 35 open tasks? No wonder you are getting stressed! Cut your to-do list in half, but complete all of them at the end of the day. You will have a better overview and less worrying about things you might not finish.

Take more (active) breaks
Go for a walk during your lunch break or start the day with yoga. It does not really matter when and how, but make sure you get enough active breaks. Not only will you feel more energised and healthy, you will have more inspiration for your work assignments.

Plan in some me-time
Life is not all about work. Don’t forget to read that book you are curious about, go to that new restaurant in town or go on that beautiful safari in Africa. Some quality me-time is the best way to avoid a burnout and focus on everything that is important in life.

Don’t get distracted
Co-workers gossiping by the water cooler, someone is showing a funny YouTube video? Try to resist! These distractions keeps you from getting into your work flow. How to avoid distractions? You can bring your own headphones to work and listen to your own music. This mutes all the distracting noises.

Have fun!
Working is necessary to make a living, but that doesn’t mean it can not be fun. Create a work schedule that fits you, think outside the box and get to know your co-workers during an inspirational lunch. Having fun at work will lead to successes. Plus, your day to day activities won’t feel like ‘work’ anymore!

Do you have some tips for me? Share them in the comments!