Holland’s first King’s day: a tourist’s review

Do you remember the Facebook competition a while ago? You were able to win a trip for two to Holland during King’s day weekend. Daise Graca from Grass Roots was the lucky winner. Curious as I am, I asked her all about first Orange madness experience.

Daise Graca

How did you experience King’s day as a tourist?
I had a great time in Amsterdam on King’s Day! The whole city was dressed in Orange, and everyone was in a party mood.

Could you explain in your own words what King’s day is all about? What can other people expect?
King’s day is the people’s celebration of the King’s Birthday. It’s a major celebration that takes place everywhere in Holland, and in particularly in Amsterdam, by the form of a massive street party.

Where did you go and how did you spend your weekend?
I went to the centre of Amsterdam, to the flea market and went to a party at the RAI Amsterdam.

What was the funniest/greatest part of your weekend?
The funniest part was to see babies and adults dressed up in the orange colour.

Did you try any Dutch foods? Did you go on a canal boat? Did you wear the orange outfit? What was the weirdest outfit you saw on the streets?
I’ve tried a lot of the Dutch dishes and I was particularly found of the chocolate chips you spread on the bread (Mr. Holland: hagelslag!). The weirdest outfit was someone dressed as an Orange! We joined the party and also wore Orange t-shirts. See the picture at the beginning of this blog post!

Will you come back in the future to celebrate King’s day with the Dutch again?
I will definitely go back to celebrate King’s Day.

How did you like your stay at Novotel? What, would you say, are their USP’s?
The Novotel offers very modern facilities, with internet hubs in the lobby and an amazing variety for breakfast.

Would you recommend Novotel?
I will definitely recommend and use the Novotel for my client’s conferences.

Queen’s Day in Holland: join our orange party!

Have you already noted the crown in my avatars? I’m wearing it because this month will become very special in Holland’s national History. We are eagerly anticipating Koniginnedag (Queen’s Day). Queen’s Day is a Dutch holiday which has been held in April for over 100 years to celebrate our Queen’s birthday. This year is a very special edition of Queen’s Day, because Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands abdicates her throne and her son Willem-Alexander will become King of The Netherlands.

Let me introduce you into the world of our Dutch royalty.

It’s origin: a princess’s birthday party

The royal celebrations arose in 1885 as Princess’s Day to honour the fifth birthday of Princess Wilhelmina, heiress to the Dutch throne. On her accession, Princess’s Day became Queen’s Day and was formerly held on August 31.

Blog Holland Queen's Day Beatrix of the netherlands

National holiday: The Queen’s birthday

But after Wilhelmina’s abdication things got a little tricky. With the coronation of the new Queen Juliana in 1948, the celebrations had to be re-scheduled to her own birthday on April 30th. Beatrix was born on January 31st but decided not to change the date for Queen’s Day. This is perfectly understandable when you consider the numerous open air events and markets, which are traditionally held on this holiday. January might be a little cold for a street party right?


And finally: the King’s birthday

This year, two things are going to change. First, Queen’s Day will become King’s Day to celebrate the birthday of the new King Willem-Alexander. Second, the date for the celebrations will change again because Willem-Alexander’s birthday is on April 27. However, the first King’s Day will be held on 26 April 2014 because April 27th of that year is a Sunday.

This month: Orange madness

How are we going to celebrate this last Queen’s Day? With large public open air events, markets and concerts in the whole country. Most of them will be held in Amsterdam. Our capital will be overflown with a massive wave of people dressed all in orange, which is the colour of our Royal House.

Blog Holland Queen's Day Celebrations Amsterdam Orange

May I ask you a favour? Join in!

I’m planning to join the celebrations, but I cannot decide on a proper orange outfit for it. Would you help getting me dressed for Queen’s Day?

During the next weeks I will show you different orange gadgets on my Facebook page and ask you to choose between them. Those gadgets with the most votes will assemble my Queen’s Day costume.

Furthermore I will keep you up to date with all news about the festivities and our Royal Family. And of course you may expect a live-report from the coronation of Willem-Alexander and Queen’s Day itself.

Will you join me online in this?