5 new ‘hidden secrets’ of Holland: venues and meeting spaces you will not easily find by yourself

Not all venues make the guides. You need to be told about these exclusive gems by insiders who know their way around Holland. Read about my latest discoveries.

1. MOBI Groningen

MOBI is an experimental mobile building, in which artists and creatives can organize presentations, exhibitions and workshops. The unconventional, temporary venue is located in the Groningen Ebbingekwartier area. Viewed from the street, MOBI resembles a terminal. The building consists of containers that have seen the world; in Groningen they are the building blocks for the space of artist initiative NP3.

Transshipment terminals are for goods, this place is a transfer of ideas and contemporary art. The building is energy neutral and can easily be disassembled to be rebuilt elsewhere, wholly or partly. All these aspects make MOBI a totally out-of-the-box location for your event. The surprising setting will certainly inspire your attendees, creating a lasting memory.


2. De Vloer (Creative campus Almere)

The Floor is a creative and inspiring meeting room, and you decide how you want to furnish the 140m² space. Thus, a comfortable setting is easily created for groups of 2-60 people. The luxury levels of catering that can be selected are ‘Concrete’, ‘Wood’ or ‘Marble’.

The space itself combines the industrial setting of this former water treatment building with a surprisingly light design interior. Everything is just a bit different, the bar is movable, there is a cozy open fire, and special armchairs conjure a smile on your face!


3. Lute

Lute in Ouderkerk, just outside Amsterdam, is widely known for its fantastic cuisine. The very inspiring and passionate owner-chef Peter Lute also offers two exclusive boardrooms, for 8 and 12 people, with a private entrance and outdoor area in his 17th-century former factory.

All facilities are available and the lovely  interior is an inspirational setting for your meetings. The “good news wall” is a nice touch that gets attendees in the right mood easily. Lute also has its own boat, for meetings and dinners on the river Amstel.


4. De Bossche Boardroom

Are you organizing confidential summit on neutral ground? Do you require a meeting room that offers tranquility and seclusion, yet all the high-tech features you require, and culinary delights?

The Bossche Boardroom is your venue. Located on the penthouse floor of the ICT Media building in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the boardroom has an exclusive and private atmosphere, extensive audio-visual facilities, excellent cuisine, and a cozy bar. The design and materials are honest and warm. The space is both light and private, thanks to thoughtfully chosen colors and glass windows.


5. Het Klaslokaal Utrecht

A small but beautiful and unique venue, situated in a monumental public school that dates from 1881, right in the heart of Utrecht.

One of the former classrooms was converted into a spacious, quiet and very light work and residential area. This provides a very special and homely setting for your next conference, meeting or brainstorming session.


At which of these ‘hidden secrets’ would you like to organize a meeting? And why do you prefer this one? Let me know in the comments!