Norway: outdoor action

After exploring the attraction of Denmark I go further through the calm but friendly north and pay a visit to Norway. In terms of population, Norway is the smallest of the three northern countries. Anyway, all of them have fewer inhabitants than Holland. In terms of size however, they are huge. From Oslo to Kirkenes in the Norwegian Arctic is about the same distance as from Oslo to Rome. In between, there are many beautiful places to discover. Here is what I have seen.

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Climbing in Oslo

The Norwegian capital offers so many outdoor activitties that you can try something new every day. Oslo Summer Park owns one of the largest climbing parks in Scandinavia and I’m in the right mood to play a little Tarzan today. An instructor from the park teaches me some climbing rules and techniques before I get my equipment and enter the park. I start with the easiest of the nine different rope courses. In the beginning I feel clumsy and when I’m ten meters over the ground I also get a little nervous. But after practicing a while I find myself swining through the trees like the king of the forest.

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The sun always shines in the north

For the remaining part of my holiday in Norway I stay on Lofoton Islands, an archipelago in the upper north. This is one of the places where you can see the midnight sun. So far north, the sun does not set for more than two months and turns the sky and the water into a soft reddish-yellow. I can’t wait to go swimming with this light, even though the water is really cold here. Almost as cold as with New Year Dive in Holland, I guess. I also play one or two rounds of golf and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while searching for my ball.


Have you ever seen the Norwegian fjords? They are incedibly beautiful. On my last day in Norway I want to go kayaking. Yesterday, I met two English tourists in the pub, who came to Lofoton islands with their kayak and plan to paddle further north. They were really excited about their trip and assured me that it would be the best way to explore the fanatstic Norwegian nature. Unfortunately I neither have the time nor the skills for a long kayak trip but maybe I can paddle a bit between the islands.

Plan my visit to your country

I had a great time in Norway but now it is time to move on to my next and last station. For a few days I will stay in the UK. Do you know some must-see attractions or secret places I should visit? Please share them with me.