Inventive ways to brand your event

Nobody is interested in yet another branded pen. Flags, banners and USB-sticks aren’t original anymore. Time for some inspirational ideas to brand your event!

A common mistake brands make during events is to overexpose the brand’s logo on the stand. This over commercial approach won’t help you tell your story. As a matter of fact, it could even decrease the chance of a good conversation with your target group.

Use your senses
So, now what? The best way to brand your event is to transform your brand into an experience. Let people use their senses to get to know your product. Let visitors taste the local cuisine, let them look around your factory with the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses, let them feel different textures, or let them smell different scents during a contest.

There is a reason why many brands and companies choose for a mascot or icon to represent their brand. It personifies your brand, makes you therefore more approachable and you can give it several characteristics that are in line with your brand identity. Popular and well known mascots and icons are: Old spice guy, Bibendum – the Michelin guy, Ronald McDonald and me!

old spice guy

What’s on the target group’s mind?
Every single industry and area of expertise has their own trends, challenges and barriers. Which struggles do they face? Who are the inspirational speakers? Where do they find their inspiration? When you know all the answers to these questions you can do something with that information. Organise small inspirational sessions with a group from one industry. Provide them with everything they need. Make all communication personal. Send them a text message when they arrive, to welcome them. Give a personalised goodie bag. How do you personalise it? For instance: check their Twitter account or background details and find something fitting that will bring a smile on their face.

I’m sure they will remember your brand – even without the pen.