Top 10 activities after a meeting in Holland

Last week I’ve shared some tips and ideas with you on Twitter about activities to undertake after a meeting in Holland. As you may know, Holland is one of the most diverse places in the world, so there is a lot fun stuff to do in our little country. Here’s some ideas:

Flower Fields

Flower park de Keukenhof is very beautiful. What you should definitely do is taking a bike tour around it. This way you can discover the Netherlands differently then just walking by the flowers in the park. And above all: it’s so much more beautiful to see those grand fields of tulips! Impressive really.

Canals of Utrecht

Want to experience a typically Dutch trip? Take a boat tour on the Utrecht canals! The Utrecht canals are even more special than the ones in Amsterdam. You can moor to the restaurants next to the canals. The floor and water levels areeven, so you can easily hop out when you see one you like. It’s really special!  And don’t forget: Utrecht is one of the ‘bizarrely under-visited’ towns according to Lonely Planet.  If you want to make it really special after a meeting you can plan a BBQ boat.

Visit the Amsterdam Brewery

Taste an exclusively Amsterdam made beer at Brewery ‘t IJ. This brewery is beautiful spot to bond with your colleagues. On the Amstel waterside terrace you can enjoy a homemade beer. Trust me: this is what most Dutchies also love to do! I love to hang out there for a Friday afternoon drink

Ice Bar Cocktails

Make your own cocktail in the one and only Ice Bar in the Netherlands, located in Amsterdam. It’s fun to do with your colleagues and good for bonding as well. Drink the cocktail you made yourself. Brilliant and a unique activity!

GPS Quest

How to discover the Dutch town where your meeting takes place? A GPS quest is a different, quirky way to do this! You get a lot of questions to discover the history and modern facts about the town you’re visiting.

The Dutch beaches

The whole West coast of Holland is covered in nice beaches. It’s an absolute delight to watch the sunset on the beach with a Heineken beer. Look at the best beach clubs around Noordwijk.


The Netherlands is a small country. Imagine you can see the Netherlands from above! Ballooning has become very popular in Groningen.

Dinner high and above at Euromast

Ever eaten at a height of 96 meters? This is an experience you’ll have once in a lifetime! Have dinner with a spectacular view of Rotterdam. Take a look at our city of blinding lights!

Visit a cinema

Most English movies aren’t dubbed in the Dutch movie theaters. It’s an excellent trip for after your meeting. Amsterdam cinemas.

Restaurants in Maastricht

In Maastricht you have a lot of restaurants with tasty local food. When I’m in a bit of a run, I like to dine in Maastricht, as it’s easy to find out where I can dine in 90 minutes!

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