Queen’s Day in Holland: crown yourself and support our king

Have you ever dreamed about being a queen or a king yourself? Then this is your chance to make your dream come true. For the two remaining weeks until Queen’s Day we invite you to crown yourself just like Mr. Holland did.

Coronation in 4 simple steps

You can celebrate with us virtually and show your support for our new king. How does it work? Crown your avatar, just like I did. Here is the instruction for a coronation in 4 easy steps:

  1. Visit my ‘Crown Yourself’ page at http://twibbon.com/Support/crown-yourself
  2. Choose the ‘add to Twitter’ or ‘add to Facebook’ button (or both)
  3. Modify the crown so it fits your head perfectly
  4. Share your new avatar with me and join the orange madness!

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What’s your royal name?

Of course a real king or queen needs an impressive royal name. How would you name yourself?

Get me dressed

Oh and by the way, I could still use your help with my outfit for Queen’s Day. So far you helped me with picking a hat, sunglasses and a suit. This week I need your support with my shoes. So please stay tuned on my Facebook Page.

You opinion means a lot to me!