Germany: Schnitzel, Schoki and Currywurst

Spain and Italy were great but I feel that I’m getting lazy with so many beautiful beaches around here. Besides, my Dutch skin is not used to so much sunshine and instead of getting tanned, I have sunburn on my nose. Time to head north again and visit another neighbour of Holland. Let’s go to Germany!

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Some friends of mine who have been to Germany before were absolutely excited about the German food. That’s great because I’m starving when I arrive at Munich Airport. I take the train to the city centre were I find a busy but cosy looking café, or Wirtshaus, how they call it in Bavaria. While I wait for the waitress, a group of people in funny clothes passes. The men wear leather trousers with braces and the women dresses with scoop necklaces. Seems to be a Bavarian tradition. The waitress appears and I order a glass of Weissbier and a Schnitzel. I wonder if that will be enough to fill my rumbling stomach but it turns out that the Germans are very generous in quantities. I was unable to finish my Schnitzel but I felt as stuffed as a Christmas goose. Time to walk my meal of with a stroll. A short walk brings me to the river Isar. From the Maximilian Bridge I have a wonderful of the Angel of Peace Memorial.

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When I arrive in Cologne I the subtle feeling that I enter a different world. While Munich seems very traditional and classical, Cologne has more the charms of a metropolis. At least there are no leather trousers and scoop neck dresses anymore. I start my tour at the famous Cologne Cathedral, one of the largest churches in Europe. Since I need to train of all the Weissbier and Schnitzel from Munich I decide to climb all the stairs to the top. It’s a heartpounding job, but I’m rewarded with a great view of the city. But after the exhausting ascent I’m hungry again and I already have an idea where I want to eat today. I combine the lunch with education and make my way to the Chocolate Museum. While I learn everything about the history of chocolate and how it’s produced from the bean I take a regular mouthful from the chocolate fountain. My sweet tooth likes that!



When you arrive in Berlin you immediately feel the 700 years of history this city is radiating. It’s night and I’m standing at the Brandenburg Gate, which has been a symbol of peace, war victory and terror and since 1989 it stands for the reunification of West and East Germany. I made an intensive tour through the city, but it would require a book to tell you about everything I have learned. I end my trip through Berlin with a long shopping tour on the Kurfürstendamm, the biggest shopping avenue of Berlin. By the way, the Germans know some great snacks. Have you ever eaten Currywurst? It’s a sliced sausage with curry sauce. Looks a bit strange but it’s really delicious.

Plan my visit to your country

I had a nice time in Germany. Next station is Denmark. Furthermore I will travel through the north and visit Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK. Can you recommend any great places in these countries I should definitely visit? Please share your secret tip with me!