Meeting trends for 2015

A new year, a new perspective. Many people said something about new meeting trends. We’ll have to wait and see of all these come true. Of course I have my ideas as well. I think the following things are going to be a meeting trend in 2015:

meeting trends 2015

Big data
Big data is huge in all sectors. The meeting industry has to do with a lot of data, acquired by email marketing, checkins, community management and offline forms. There are a lot of possibilities with all this information. For instance creating specific profiles that helps you target your message even better. But you can use all the information also for creating your own persona’s.

Focus on interaction
It’s all about the attention span. We have to focus more on engaging the participators than ever before. For instance by asking them to take part in discussions or come up with the subjects for the speakers.

Online is mainstream
A fast wifi connection is a must nowadays. So are a good website, engaging social media platforms and apps. People will expect more online tools, all information on a event website, event hashtags – all mobile friendly.

Budgets will be spent wisely
During the economic crises we learned a lot about our budget. Whats is truly necessary? Where can we cut costs and where can we partner up to save money? I think this trend will continue in 2015 as well. Not because budgets are still tight, but because we live in another world.

Re-use information for content marketing
Videos of speakers, whitepapers, pictures etc. In 2015 we will collect all materials smarter and use them for content marketing reasons to keep engaging participants after the event.

#PlannersAre… Masters of Organization

Planning a meeting involves more than arranging a conference room and some cake and coffee for the break. As a planner you need to coordinate every detail of the meeting, from venue, catering and speakers to printed materials and audio-visual equipment. In fact, meeting planners are masters in organization and logistics. They oversee multiple operations at one time, face numerous deadlines, and orchestrate the activities of several different groups of people. Let’s have a look at the task list.

Blog Holland Meeting Planners Venue

Logistic Experts

As soon as the date for the meeting is chosen, the planner starts searching for prospective meeting sites. This can be more difficult than it sounds because there are various aspects to keep in mind. When looking for a good site she needs to consider who the attendees are, where they come from and how they will travel. For big, international meetings you would need a venue which is close to an airport or major train station. The venue should also offer all technical requirements for the meeting. The planner also orders all necessary supplies such as food and beverages, name badges, lodging reservations, transportation, audio-visual equipment and seating.

Financial Managers

Planners must also oversee the finances of meetings and conventions. They are given overall budgets by their organizations and must create a detailed budget, forecasting what each aspect of the event will cost. Additionally, some planners oversee meetings that contribute significantly to their organization’s operating budget and must ensure that the event meets income goals. The planner needs a good strategy to and a neat adminsitration to keep track of the finances.

Blog Holland Meeting Planners Plan B

Plan B Thinkers

What if a speaker gets ill, the audio fails or the food is disgusting? A good planner does not only plan every possible detail but also an alternative for every possible problem. When anything goes wrong (and there are few flawless meetings) the planners has to react quickly to rescue the meeting and the image of the meeting owner. This requires flexibility, creativity and a fast brain.

Please tell me your story

Can you tell us from your work as a planner that underline your organizational skills? And what other skills do you have? Leave a comment or send a tweet with the hashtag #PlannersAre. Let’s show the industry how broad the capacities of a meeting planner are.