Social Networking on your flight, KLM makes it possible

I‘ve spent a lot of time on planes in my life, but KLM must be one of the most innovative airlines out there. Their new social seating function, ‘Meet and Seat’ must be the latest example of this.

The genius idea behind ‘Meet and Seat’ is that passengers can take a look at each other’s interests or profession by linking their Facebook or Linkedin profiles to the flight. It also shows them who is coming to the same event for example. You can choose who you would like to sit next to and start networking in real life during your flight! This way flying becomes much more social and allows you to make valuable connections. KLM is adding value to your flight! Very clever, in my humble opinion!

For a complete walk through of the process watch the instruction video here:

I May we’re all going to IMEX in Frankfurt of course! So check if I’m on your flight and join me for a chat on board.

Have you tried flying with Seat and Meet? Please share your stories with me.