5 Apps that makes travelling so much easier!

Travelling is fun, but it requires some flexibility from the traveller. Foreign languages, different timezones, new cities. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. Have a look at these apps, they make travelling so much easier!


Jet Lag App
When you are travelling for business, you don’t have time to be jet lagged. The Jet Lag App helps you adjust your sleeping pattern before and after your flight. Very easy to do, because the app can be connected to your calendar.

Is that meal expensive or just within the budget? Get real time currency information with the latest rates and start to calculate (even offline!).

My eVault
You probably have a drawer at home with all your insurance policies, receipts, warranties and important documents like passports and visa’s. My eVault is the award winning app that digitalises your ‘drawer’ so you have all the important info on the go!

Where is the nearest ATM, gas station, hospital? AroundMe helps you explore your direct neighbourhood. The best thing about the app? It is super easy to use, and the information you are looking for is just a few clicks away!

Having some time to kill during your stopover or in between meetings? Why not learn the local language with this app. It’s way more fun than playing a game or wandering at the airport!

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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