Design an event in Holland and watch your dreams come true!

Say goodbye to sleepless nights searching for perfect destinations. Holland has all the ingredients dreams are made of for professional event managers.

dreaming of holland

For a small northern European country, roughly the size of the American state of Delaware, the Netherlands is full of inspiration, style and international allure. With our world-renowned museums, state-of-the-art modern venues and our range of international cuisines we are a country for everyone’s flavour. Whatever kind of scenario you might be dreaming of, Holland can provide both the means and the expertise for you to design your perfect event.

Are you seeking a location that’s both accessible and central, on a global scale? We’re easy to reach via Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport, one of the largest and most efficient airports in the world. High-speed rail lines connect us to a variety of European neighbouring countries, while cruise ships make frequent visits to the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Holland’s culture is rich and diverse. Have your pick: the traditional Dutch Masters of painting or modern day recognisable simplified Dutch interior design. And don’t forget our influence to today’s dance music and fashion. Sail along traditional windmills or try some winter skating on natural ice. And once you work up an appetite, enjoy the taste of world-class, Michelin star restaurants across the country.

While learning to control water coming from the sea and rivers, we’ve also learned a thing or two about constructing. Many of our 17th century architectural gems now boast every modern convenience you could ever desire. Still, architectural masterpieces such as our gleaming Eye Film Institute, the new jewel of Amsterdam’s harbour, continues to fascinate every visitor. From intimate countryside hotels, to metropolitan city meeting spaces and convention centres, we can cater every need. No problems – straight from your worst nightmare. Only tailor made, dream solutions.

We use our small size to our best advantage. We’re easy to get around via highways, rail lines and canals, since Holland is only 300 km in length and 200 km wide. This means the travelling distance from Amsterdam to Utrecht is only 30 minutes, Rotterdam 45 and Groningen, all the way in the north, still less than two hours. Because we are small, we have to think smart. Therefore, almost everyone speaks fluently English.

We’ll be at the Holland Meeting Point (Stand F30) at EIBTM Barcelona. We invite you to personally meet our friendly Dream Team of event planners to find out exactly why Holland is such a dreamy destination. On the stand you’ll find representatives from Regional Convention Bureaus, Destination Management Companies, Convention Centres, Hotel Chains, Individual Hotels, Special Venues and Travel Solutions. Myself, and the rest of the Dutch partners, look forward to meet you!

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