Habits of great networkers

Networking is a skill. A skill that can help you make the most of your network in a positive and constructive way. Over the years I learned by doing and asked about networking in my circles. I’ve selected the best tips for you:

Social network in a course

Elevator pitch
Time is money, so keep it short and effective. I am not saying that the maximum time you should network should be 1 minute, but you have to be ready to present your ideas or tell your brand’s story under a minute.

Networking is all about having the X factor. People tend to remember you better or give you business when you are likeable. Don’t overdo it, don’t try to be someone you’re not. But keep in mind, a smile and polite manners can bring you far!

Keep your promise
When you promise to call. Call! If you refer to something you can look up for them, do that. People like other people they can count on. Even more when they weren’t expecting it!

Follow up
Maybe you got a business card or only someone’s name. Follow up with an email or LinkedIn invite. Make it personal, don’t copy paste your message. Refer to something interesting you talked about and say what you want out of the email or invite: such as keep in contact or grab a cup of coffee.

Make it about them
How can YOU help THEM? This ‘rule’ can help you in business and in daily life. When you make conversations and situations about other people they tell you more, trust you more and are likely to re-connect!

Bring back the fun factor
Networking doesn’t have to be dull. Bring back the fun factor with your sparkling personality in combination with your work ethic. Take a walk or golf together. Networking is way more fun when you do something active.

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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