10 tips to make your flight as comfortable as possible

Flying is the fastest and safest way to get you at your destination. But it’s not always the most comfortable one. From my own experience over the last few years I’ve collected these tips for you. Hope your next flight will be a lot more comfortable!

flying in economy class

Online check-in
Most airlines offer online check-ins 24 hours before your flight departure. This not only saves you time at the airport, but allows you to pick a good seat. (not near the toilet for example)

Travel light
When you only bring hand luggage you don’t have to check in your suitcase and wait for it to collect it at your destination. It saves you a lot of time and could also save you money for certain non-continental flights.

Ask for a spacious seat
There are a few seats that are more spacious than others, by the emergency exit for example. Ask for this seat when you’re arriving early at the airport, maybe you’ll get a free upgrade.

Drinking water is always a good idea, especially when you’re up in the air. Hydrating will make you feel less tired and will help you overcome jetlags faster.

Adjust to your new time zone
Going somewhere with a different time zone? Set your watch as soon as you are seated. You will sooner feel comfortable with your new day rhythm.

Bring your own flight essentials
Ear plugs, eye mask, body cream, neck pillow. All items you should standard bring on a flight. They may seem stupid, but they will make all the difference!

Wear flight-proof clothes
You don’t want to be the person that walks out an airport looking like you just had a bad 12 hour flight, even if you had. Think about what you wear. Don’t wear white, because chances are you’ll spill airplane food during turbulence. Don’t wear fabrics that creases easily, like cotton or linnen. And bringing a fresh shirt is always a good idea!

Bring your own entertainment
Entertainment comes in all forms. A book, a crossword puzzle or even work. Bring something that keeps you busy for a while, the time will fly by.

Order a different meal
When you book your ticket you can sometimes order a different meal. Vegetarian, lactose free etcetera. Those meals are served first during the flights. That means you’ll be done sooner and have extra time to take a power nap!

Bring music
Do you like the sound of babies crying, people talking and flushing lavatories? Nope, me neither. Bring your own music device and headphones and listen to some classical music or an e-book. Way more relaxing than the other noises around you.

Any tips I forgot? Let me know in the comments!


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