How to prepare for an out of office business meeting

Whether you are travelling to another province or abroad for a product launch, brainstorm session or business meeting with foreign offices, it is always smart to be well prepared. I have collected a few tips for you!

chair business

Know the subject
Even if you are not an active participant in the event like a speaker or decider, it is recommended you know the ins and outs of the subject. As a representative of the company you should be able to answer questions to those who are new to your company or to the subject.

How can this place inspire this meeting?
Before the meeting takes place, think about why this venue or location was chosen. Is it different than usual? How? Is it conservative, formal/informal, green, hybrid? It probably isn’t a coincidence, it partly reflects on how the management sees the current activities or how they want them to be. Then, think about how this setting can inspire your meeting. Could you learn from the KPI’s of the venue? How could you translate the look & feel as inspiration for your business meeting?

Think and work outside the box
Being away from the office gives you the opportunity to work different than usual. Try to take this advantage with you during your business meeting. Why not have a brainstorm session with colleagues from a different department or higher/lower position? Step away from PowerPoints and use whiteboards and markers. A different way of working, usually leads to different and innovative solutions.

Bring something to the table
It is (most of the time) highly appreciated when you bring something extra to the table. Come up with a new idea to market a product, how to reduce costs in the office or how to work more efficiently from home. To make sure there is time to discuss your ‘little extra’ you should probably announce your idea to the person that is in charge of the program.

Now I’m curious about you. How do you prepare for a business trip? Leave your tips, suggestions and experiences in the comments!

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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