Business travel etiquette

Travelling for business reasons can be great. You get to go to places you’ve never been before and experience all kinds of different cultures, foods and climates. But there are a few unwritten rules you should keep in mind. I collected a few do’s and don’ts about business travel etiquette for you. I’m curious about your travel tips. Will you leave them in the comments?

business travel etiquette

Be prepared
There’s nothing more annoying than bringing the wrong kind of creditcard, clothes or business information. Prepare in advance. Should you bring a VISA or MasterCard? What season is it at my destination? Which language do the people speak? Asking yourself these simple questions can avoid a lot of problems.

Read about the country & culture
People in other countries have a different cultural context. Words, but also hand gestures can have a total different meaning then you’re used to. Going for business abroad usually means eating and drinking with local people. Read up about food etiquette before you go to dinner. It shows respect for the local culture and makes for a great conversation starter.

Stay fit & healthy
You can’t always choose what you’ll eat and how much you sleep during business travels. Therefore travelling can be quite tiresome. So try to stay fit and healthy as much as you can. Hydrate, keep moving during your flight doing little exercises and sleep when you can. And… of course choosing those vegetables over the fried chicken will help as well.. 😉

The importance of privacy
Travelling with fellow colleagues can be a lot more fun than travelling solo. But being around each other for a longer period of time could lead to irritation. This can be easily avoided by respecting the privacy of others. When people sleep during the flight, leave them. When they look like they want to be left alone, they probably want to be left alone. Giving each other space will make your trip a lot more relaxed!

Keep ‘business’ in mind
Even when you find yourself on a white beach with a beautiful sunset, keep in mind why you are here. It is not a vacation. You are here for work reasons. Of course business can be mixed with pleasure, but keep it neat. Don’t drink too much, don’t get too informal with your colleagues and respect people and things around you.

What are your favourite business travel tips? Will you leave them in the comments?

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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