A combo for all needs: meet in Amsterdam, sleep in Noordwijk

In the last weeks I have explored the best meeting destinations in Holland for you.  I showed you Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Utrecht and Noordwijk. To bring this series to an end, I would like to introduce you to one last option. Try the combination of meeting in Amsterdam and sleeping in Noordwijk.

I know that most meeting planners prefer keeping things a easy as possible by choosing a location close to the airport or train station and booking the meeting room and guest accommodations in the same hotel. However, sometimes a combination between two cities can have some advantages.

  1. Amsterdam has more attractions but crowded and noisy. Noordwijk has a beautiful landscape, but has not a lively nightlife as Amsterdam. When combining both cities, your guest can decide what they want to do after the meeting themselves: discover the city of Amsterdam and dance the night away or have a relaxed dinner at the beach.
  2. Amsterdam is way more expensive than the surrounding cities. Safe your budget by getting a better deal for the accommodations in Noordwijk.
  3. You are less dependent on the weather. On rainy days there are plenty of indoor activities in Amsterdam. When the sun is shining and the sky is blue you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Noordwijk.

Blog Holland Combo

Quick transfers

It pays off that Holland is much more compact than other countries. Amsterdam and Noordwijk are both close to Schiphol Airport. You can use the public transport network, taxi services or shuttle busses to travel between both cities.


If you want some tips for conference hotels you can check my reports about Amsterdam and Noordwijk. Here are some tips for cosy meeting venues in Amsterdam.

De kleine Werf, a 400 year old former shipyard with bohemian surroundings for meetings up to 40 participants.

Dialogues House, a venue with the missions to create valuable and meaningful encounters to jointly reach new heights.

The Falck Studio, a beautiful modern loft for special and intimate meetings.

The Playing Circle, this venue has the goal to drag you out of your daily routine and bring your creative juices to flow.

De Nieuwe Liefde (New Love), a venue where artists, poets and all other creative minds find new inspiration.

Blog Holland Combo Noordwijk

After your meeting

It’s completely up to you. Are you tired after the long day? Get a cab back to Noordwijk and spent some lazy hours at the beach. If you can’t get enough of Amsterdam, head to the numerous clubs and pubs. If you love outdoor activities, Noordwijk has plenty activities to offer. Try yourself in surfing, cycle across the dunes or visit the famous flower fields. More interested in cultural activities? Visit the various museums of Amsterdam, take a tour across the canals or hang out the shopping queen before you get back to your hotel.

More questions?

Planning an event at two different locations might demand a little more organization. Fortunately, I have some friends, who can help you with this. The Amsterdam Convention Board can help you with all your questions about meeting facilities in the capital. For accommodation you can contact my friends from Noordwijk Marketing.

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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