Site Inspection in Utrecht: meet in the Heart of Holland

So far I have inspected Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague – the three biggest cities of Holland at the Dutch west coast. Looking for a more budget-friendly destination? Time to move further to the centre of my country. Utrecht, the 4th biggest city, is situated in the heart of Holland. Founded over 1,200 years ago, it is also one of the oldest Dutch cities, which is reflected in infrastructure and architecture. Utrecht’s landmark is the Dom Tower, a church tower on a big square that was once part of a Roman fortress.

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A city as old has Utrecht accumulates tons of knowledge. In fact, is home to many Dutch scientific and educational institutions and hosts one of the biggest and best universities in Holland. Due to 70,000 students, the city defies aging and maintains its young and dynamic character, attracting young and creative minds. Old knowledge gets updated on a regular base and combined with fresh and clever ideas. Utrecht Science Park for example is a place, where knowledge meets the newest technology. It is an inspiring environment where scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world profit from close networking and integrating knowledge into practical applications.

Due to institutions like Science Park, Utrecht is the perfect destination to integrate existing knowledge into industrial perspectives. So if your meeting aims for creation of executable ideas and plans, Utrecht is a perfect destination.


Due to its central location, Utrecht is easily accessible for meeting delegates from abroad. From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport you travel only 30 minutes by train. If you depart in Paris, Brussels or Frankfurt, there are direct high-speed train connections provided by Thalys or ICE International. When you arrive at Utrecht Central Station you have excellent public transport opportunities to your venue. As most Dutch cities, Utrecht is quite compact, making traveling within the city quick and easy.


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Hidden Secrets

Luno Meeting Centre, a tastefully decorated, pleasant venue, which offers great surroundings for small meetings and private talks.

De Oude Muntkelder, an excellent location to try your first Dutch pancakes.

Activity: Trajectum Lumen, a guided walk along beautifully enlightened attractions of Utrecht by night.

131026 Blog Holland Utrecht Julianapark

After your meeting

Utrecht is full of historical attractions, so I definitely recommend you to participate in one of the guided city tours. Visit the historic part of the city centre and take a look inside the old churches from the Golden Age. You can also discover Utrecht by boat on the many canals. Or take a look upon the city after climbing the 465 stairs of the Dom Tower. If you need some time to relax afterwards, you can chill out in Julianapark, a rural park with a little zoo and loads of green. One of the most popular places in Utrecht is Winkel van Sinkel, one of the first department stores that opened in Holland. Nowadays it is a grand café and restaurant during the day and transforms into a club at night.

More questions?

Did I make you curious about Utrecht? If you want more information about meeting facilities in Utrecht you can contact my friends from Utrecht Convention Bureau. They can help you with many useful tips without charging a cent.

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