Meet in The Hague: a destination to make great decisions

The Hague is often referred to as a city of many faces. While Amsterdam is the official capital of Holland, the national government and the residence of the Dutch royal family are settled in The Hague. I have been on another site inspection to check out the meeting facilities in the secret capital for you.

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The international appeal of The Hague is even more overwhelming than in Amsterdam. More than half of the population are not Dutch natives. About 160 international organizations, 107 embassies and 316 international businesses have their seat in The Hague. The broad cultural diversity is expressed in many colourful festivals, museums and theatres.

My friends of The Hague Convention Bureau told me that The Hague has been a place to meet for centuries. Since the first Peace Conference in 1899 took place, prominent people from all over the world come together to share ideas and make decisions. Today, The Hague is officially renowned as the City of Peace and Justice and is the official seat of the Interational Criminal Court of Justice. Are you facing a meeting with conflicting stakeholder interests or cultural barriers? Do you need to share a difficult message or make  a big decisions for your company? Then The Hague is your destination.

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You can reach The Hague via Airport Rotterdam and The Hague. Since Holland’s second airport is less busy than Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can benefit from quicker chek-in’s and comfortable departure times to 34 destinations. Guests from Belgium and France have a great connection with Hispeed and Thalys trains. I you don’t like flying, StenaLine offers a convenient and affordable ferry service from Harwich to Hook of Holland, twice per day.


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Hidden Secrets

Venue: Caballero Factory, a former cigarette factory, which has been transformed to an inspirational business venue with industrial charme

Restaurant: De Tapperij, a quiet and cosy restaurant in style of the 19th century

Activity: vist the harbour of The Hague, buzzing with activities from fishermen and yachting enthusiasts

After you meeting

How much time do you have before you leave? If you have less than a day you should enjoy the rich history in the city centre of The Hague.  The official tourist office offers special Art & Antiques Walks, a tour that leads you through the many antique shops, galleries and auction houses. In the evening you can visit one of the many theatre stages like Korzo Theater to enjoy cabaret, a musical or dance performance.

You have a whole day or more time to send in The Hague? The I recommend you to check out another face of the city. Die to its appealing location at the shores of the north sea, The Hague owns the two popular seaside resorts Scheveningen and Kijkduin, which both are popular playgrounds for surfers and kiteboarders. Especially in summertime, these places are a must-see.

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More information

For all questions about meetings and activities in The Hague, you can contact my friends from The Hague Convention Bureau.

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