Organize your workspace for better performance

How organized is your desk? As a typical Dutchman I have to admit that I never wasted much time to tidying up my desk. As a consequence I collected much clutter in my workspace that distracted me more than I could have imagined. Does this sound familiar to you? Let’s clean the mess together. I collected some tips to get rid of it.

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How clutter impacts your brain

Scientific research has shown that excess things in our surroundings can have a negative impact on our ability to focus and process information. Some of us get inspired by chaos because it stimulates creativity. Nevertheless, when it comes to concentration, clutter only competes for our attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress.

Start with an empty desk

Take everything of your desk and out of your drawers. Put all stuff in a big box, put the box in a closet and go back to work. Every time you need an item, you can put it back on your desk. Are there things you still have not used after a week? Get rid of them, since you probably don’t need them. As you go through your stuff, ask yourself: does this item have a purpose? Do I really need it, or am I keeping it because I could need it once? After asking these questions you will know what to do.

Create a clever flow

When you have decided which stuff you want to keep, you need to find a place to keep it. Logically, you want quick access to the items you use very often. Organize your desk drawers I such a way that the important tools are in the drawers next to you, and the rest further away. At the end of your working day, take care that all items are back in the right drawers. Don’t leave them on your desk and let them pile up.

Find your trouble spots

Still not satisfied with the result? It can be hard to look at your workspace objectively and identify how cluttered it is. This perspective might change, when you watch it through your camera. The photo will show you things, you never saw in the real world.

What’s your tip?

Are you an expert for organized workspaces? Then I want you! Do you know some clever tricks to keep you desk tidy? Please share them with me.

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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