England: ghost stories and lots of rocks

After a week in Scandinavia it’s time to visit the last station of my Europe trip. I’m flying to the UK. I was very impressed by London, when I came here for the UK Meetings Show but I did not have enough time to see all the great attractions. That’s why I made a quick stop there before I’m going to explore other parts of the country.

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Creepy in London

One of the attractions I missed last time was the Tower of London. Many people from London advised me to book a guided tour at night, since the dark provides a great atmosphere. So I wait until 9.30 PM before I approach the Yeoman Warder, who opens the gate for the guests. The whole place is dark and moody and our guide does a great job. He tells us many creepy stories about the history of this place that send shivers down my spine. He also points out the room where the two princes, sons of King Edward IV, were murdered. I’m still shaking when the tour ends. Quickly, I jump into a pub to get a calming drink before the doors close.

Blog holland Holiday England Stonehenge

Fascinating Stonehenge

After a rough night I make my way to Avebury because I want to visit one of the most popular World Heritage Sites in the world. Stonehenge was produced by a culture that left no written records about it, so this place is still a big mystery to experts. Nobody knows how all the heavy stones were brought here and for which purpose. I’m not allowed to enter the stone circle but there is a path leading around the formation. I’m deeply fascinated by this place and I invent various stories about its history.


Walking Lake District

Finally, I go to Cumbria, the north west of England, where the Lake District lies. The countrie’s largest National Park is a feast for the eyes. It has crystal clear lakes and the mountains are beautifully carved by erosion. To me it seems like the perfect place to walk off all the extra food I had during the last weeks. It feels good to climb the rocky paths and the view on the lakes is fantastic. But even here in this peaceful heights you meet other Dutch tourists… and I even know them! Do you remember my friend Donald from IMEX in Frankfurt or the UK Meetings Show? He is on holiday together with his brother. After a little chitchat we make a date for the pub tonight and I continue my walk.

Bye, bye holiday

I really had a great time in the UK but my holiday clock is ticking and it’s time to go back to Holland. Luckily, I still have some days off before I have to return to my desk. I will use them to acclimatize in Holland and sort my holiday pictures.

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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