Belgium: discovering the country of the neighbours

I have arrived at the first station of my holiday Europe trip. Although Belgium is so close to Holland – just about an hour with the Fyra train – I have to confess that I have not been there that often yet. Time to check out some must-see destinations in the neighbouring country. Here is what I have seen and done so far.

Vacation Belgium Brussels

Party in Antwerp

After one night in Antwerp I understand why the Belgians call it the ‘capital of cool’. I discovered that many squares in Antwerp house nothing else but pubs and bars just like in Amsterdam. Accidentially I found myself in Bierhuis Kulminator trying to taste all their 600 different beers. My conclusion: Belgian beer is delicious but also much stronger than the Dutch brands. To find some distraction from my hangover I’m visiting Rubens House, which hosts the greates art collection of the famous painter Peter Paul Rubens.

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Walking through Bruges

Another hit on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What I like most about Bruges is that the city centre is completely closed off to cars so that you can easily explore it on foot, by boat along the canals or by a horse-drawn carriage. Bruges is a cosy, small city full of folkore, lace boutiques and especially chocolate shops. Have you ever tried Belgian chocolate? It’s almost as delicious as our Dutch cheese.


Sight-seeing in Brussels

The Belgian capital is quickly gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s must-see destinations. It is the home of the European Union, NATO and hundreds of international organizations. I almost can’t decide where to start with so many great attractions. Finally I start my tour at the Grand Place, a historic square and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was buil in the 13th century and is still lined by beautiful guild houses. From Grand Place it is just a short walk to many other attractions. I was especially curious about the Manneken Pis since many friends talked very enthused about it. The cute bronze statue of a little boy relieving himself made me smile. Belgian humor…

Plan my visit to your country

I had a nice time in Belgium. Next station is France. Furthermore I will travel to Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK. Can you recommend any great places in these countries I should definitely visit? Please share your secret tip with me!

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