#PlannersAre… Communication Professionals

In my last blogpost we have explored the impressive organizational skills of meeting planners. A succesful corporate event requires not only perfect logistics but also efficient communication between the meeting owner, suppliers, staff and visitors. As a meeting planner you must be able to relate their very different needs.

Content Page - Event Planning

Revealing the vision

“More often than not, I have clients approach me that ‘want an event’. When I was first starting I ‘planned an event’ that was logistically sound, but the client came back and said that the event failed. After that, I realized I had to take more initiative and listen to what the client was not saying and create/establish the vision and establish the course and objectives for the event so that it was successful in the clients eyes.”  (Janna Bowman, @JDuckEvents)

Before you start planning a meeting you need to figure out the purposes of the meeting owner. It can be pretty tough to get the good answers for all your questions because often the meeting owner has not thought about them himself.

Managing suppliers and staff

The venue, the caterer, speakers, the repairman… everyone will contact you about anything that has to do with the meeting. You know what’s next on the task list. You know what will happen next and when. You know who is in charge for what. Since nobody but you will keep track of the whole event you need to be most important contact person for everyone.

Multi-tasking Business Woman

Writing, publishing, branding

“When I started in event planning, I never would have imagined how much writing I would do, nor would I consider it something on my job description.  But I have found that every invitation, every program booklet and printed piece, every press release, every welcome letter from the President, presentation remarks, speeches and every website/registration site contains text. Text which tells the story, conveys the vision, and states the objectives and reason for the publication/website –marketing.”  (Janna Bowman, @JDuckEvents)

“As a meeting planner you become the face of  your organization and brand.”    (Kendra McMurray, @Meeting_Pro)

Many planners have the additional task to invite attendees and promote the event. Next to the writing attendees will contact you before the event  and you will follow them up after. Your external communication influences the success of the event and the your company’s image.

Please tell me what you think

Can you tell us examples from your work as a planner that underline your communicative skills? And what other skills do you have? Leave a comment or send a tweet with the hashtag #PlannersAre. Let’s show the industry how broad the capacities of a meeting planner are.

Finally, I want to thank Carmen Gonsalves, Kendra McMurray and Janna Bowman for their valuable input.

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