#PlannersAre: Let’s reinvent the profile of the meeting planner

We have come very far with this blog by exploring green meetings and meeting design. We celebrated the very last Queen’s Day together and warmed up for IMEX in Frankfurt. Time to pay attention to the probably most important people of the meeting industry, the people who prepare, organize and manage all our events and conferences – the meeting planners.

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It was meeting planner and blogger Kendra McMurray who inspired me to this topic with her blogpost ‘We are more than just “Planners”‘. She created a crowdsourced list with all the labels and attributes that characterize a meeting planner. During the next weeks I would like to add more body to her list and that’s where YOU come into play.

Meeting planners are…

During IMEX in Frankfurt 2013 I asked people to fill in the sentence “Meeting planners are…” and I was able to collect many great suggestions. Now I would like to work them out, together with you. I want your stories and anecdotes that illustrate the hats that planners have to wear.

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Please tell me your story

Have you ever had to act like a researcher? A designer? A host? A nurse? Or a negotiator? And give me a personal example for this role? Let’s show the industry how wide the capacities of a planner can reach. Let’s reinvent the profile of the meeting planner. Are you in?

8 thoughts on “#PlannersAre: Let’s reinvent the profile of the meeting planner

  1. Let me start by saying. I love what I do. Meeting Planning is my passion and I’m fortunate to be in this field. I think that Meeting Planners (really good ones) don’t get their fair share of the recognition they deserve. I had a client I would label as my “worry wad). I would provide her with extensive updates, spreadsheets, and production schedules. You name it she had it. But like clock work the day of her meeting or event she would freak out in a panic. I would get to the venue to set up and she would be there giving direction. It was so distracting. After this happened multiple times I figured out a new strategy of dealing with her. I would bring another person along wiith me to be her handler/distractor so I could work. It was a great day when I was promoted to another position in the company and did not have to work with her.

    • Thanks for sharing this Dafrine. Good, that you found a way to deal with this client. Would it be okay if I incorporate your story in one of my blogs? I think it’s a great example for planners as negotiators.

  2. I’m by no means a professional planner; I just appreciate and value the profession of Meeting Planning and the professionals who make it look so easy. I started planning local in-house conference events and was under the leadership and mentorship of Kendra McMurray. I enjoyed what I did, and actually wanted to pursue it as a full-time career. I loved the creativity and spur-of-the-moment requests that came along with the territory after you worked and asked all of the questions in the pre-con meeting to then get that “one more thing” added. However, I watched how clients showed up to events with their own preconceived notion of how things were done and devalue the process it took to make their event successful. No recognition, No thoughtfulness and No respect for the profession. They would walk away saying “I could have done that” it almost like having someone look at a Picasso painting and say “I could have done that”. Although the experience was rewarding it was also disheartening at various times.
    Call me optimistic, but what I wish some would realize is that Meeting Planners are drivers, instructors, engineers, security officers (at times) and magicians of everything you didn’t think about for your meeting and without them, the meeting is just a gathering of people without a defined purpose .

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