Queen’s Day in Holland: where are you celebrating?

The last weeks we have learned a lot about the Dutch royal family and Queen’s Day traditions in Holland. Are you coming on April 30th to party with the crowd? In this post I want to give you a preview of what you can expect.

Orange madness

Have you voted for my orange outfit yet? This is just a little foretaste for what you can expect on Queen’s Day. Our whole country will drown in a flood of orange dressed people. All streets, parks and buildings will be decorated with orange gadgets. Offices will be closed so that everyone can join the party on the streets as my friends at Partners & SAM!. When there’s no room on the streets anymore, we will occupy the water. The big canals, like Prinsengracht in Amsterdam will be covered with boats filled with orange people, like my friends from Ovation Holland.

Blog Holland Queen's Day Celebrations Amsterdam Orange

Music, dance and markets

In the bigger cities of Holland you can stagger from one party to the next. Due to the official royal celebrations, Amsterdam might be extremely crowded this year. If you are only coming for the party, I recommend to check out other Dutch cities. Utrecht for instance, offers one of the biggest flea markets in Holland. At each corner of the city there will be a podium with a band or DJ playing music. In short: more than enough activities for all interests and ages.

130428 Blog Holland Queen's Day Utrecht Flea Market

Queen’s Day arrangements

Most restaurants and hotels have done their very best to offer you something special on this royal party. Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam is preparing to join the celebrations in the city together with their guests. Palace Hotel in Noordwijk offers you a relaxed transport to the big celebrations in Amsterdam, including a recovery program for the day after.


What are you doing on Queen’s Day?

What are your party plans? Are you heading for Amsterdam for the official celebrations? Or do you have a secret party tip? Please share with me.

If you can’t be here I invite you to follow me online. I will report LIVE on Twitter and Facebook so that you won’t miss the highlights of this tremendous orange party. See you there?

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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