Queen’s Day in Holland: bye, bye Beatrix

On Monday, 28 January our Queen Beatrix announced that she will abdicate and pass the throne to her oldest son Willem-Alexander. Beatrix has been queen for nearly 33 years. She abdicates because she believes that the country should be led by a new generation. In this post I invite you to look back with me on 33 years Beatrix.

Queen Beatrix was born in 1938 as the first daughter of Queen Juliana and King Bernhard. She was married to the German aristocrat Claus von Arnsberg, who died in 2002, and is mother of three sons: Princes Willem-Alexander, Friso and Constantijn.


A tough manager

As a queen, Beatrix proved herself as a real manager. Politicians, who worked with her, were impressed by her acuracy. Since the economy in Holland was not going well, the royal family had to save costs. Beatrix managed to reduce this costs to a minimum by removing all ‘non-sense luxury’ from the royal court. While her mother Juliana had a more friendly contact with her servants, Beatrix is the indisputabel boss at the court.

Blog Holland Queen Beatrix State Visit

The face of Holland

You might believe that I am the official face of Holland, but that is way to much credit for me. Beatrix played a key role in Holland’s international trade agreements. During her reign she made countless state visits to maintain the good relationships with Holland’s trade partners. After 33 years, her face has become familiar to the heads of many other states. Therefore her visits improved many partnerships, with financial benefits for Holland (well, the benefit of face to face meetings).

Mother of the country

To her own people, Beatrix often seemed cool and distant. However, this image changed in the 90’s when Holland was hit by two heavy accidents. Beatrix showed empathy, and encouraged the people to support the victims and their families.

Blog Holland Queen Beatrix

Next to her formal tasks, Beatrix also acts as a mother to her people. She supports social organisations and initiatives that contribute to a better stability of Holland’s society. As the face of the nation she visits important events in Holland such as conferences, festivties and other official ceremonies. Would you like to see her? On April 13th, Beatrix will open the doors of the reconstructed Rijksmuseum.

Last Queen’s Day

Of course we will give our Queen a legendary last birthday party on Queen’s Day here in Holland. Millions of people will be on the streets in their brightest orange outfits and wave to our Queen: Bye, bye Bea.

Will you be there? You can also join me online, as I will be doing a live report via my Social Media channels that day.

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