Sustainable meetings: 5 tips to reduce no show for your next event

No show is one of the most frustrating issues for every meeting planner: you put lots of time and efforts into researching, organising and promoting your event and are rewarded with disappointment when a fair share of your participants simply don’t show up. No show can destroy all your good amibitions for a green meeting. For every cost-free business event a no show rate of 10-30% is handled, which means that a lot of working material and food is wasted for nothing. High time to tackle the no show problem. I collected 5 tips for you.

Blog Holland No Show Meeting

1. Be an early bird

Send the invitiation for your event early, giving people a chance to check their agendas and think about whether they want to participate. Basically, you can send a first invitation as soon as you know the date, time and location of your event. You can send a more detailed invitation later. Keep your message simple and short and focus on the main reason and objective of the event.

2. Remind, respond, recall

Confirm registrations as soon as you receive them. That creates commitment and gives your guest the feeling that he is expected. Keep reminding your participants of the upcoming event and mention the opportunity to cancel the registration clearly. Make cancelling as easy as possible and provide the option as long as possible. Call those guests that have not answered your invitation yet and give them the feeling that they are expected and welcome.


3. Create anticipation

Keep you participants up to date about your efforts and share your enthusiasm as the event day comes closer. Create a Facebookpage or a hashtag for your event and invite your participants to follow your arrangements. Don’t forget to tell them how they can benefit from your event. What’s in it for them? Social Media are also a great way to connect your guests with each other. A higher visibility of your guests generates a social control that makes them less likely not to show up.

4. Don’t spoil the party

A few days before the event you can mail your participants the last chance to cancel the registration. Remind them about the consequences of no show. The short film above explains that perfectly.
Be strict with no show participants and exclude them from future events or put them on a waiting list. Even if your event is for free you can send them a bill for the wasted material and donate the money to a charity. On the other hand you can reward your audience with a nice giveaway or priority for the next event.

5. Now it’s up to you

These are just a few ideas to reduce the no show rate for your events. If you have other tips to add you are more than welcome to share them. For more information about green meetings in Holland you might want to take a look at the “Green Meetings” section of my website.

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