Creative meeting design: gamification for meetings (2)

In my last blogpost about creative meeting design I introduced the concept of gamification for meetings. If you have decided that a game would be beneficial for your next event, its time to plan the game settings and strategy. Here are some thoughts you should consider before you start playing.

Blog Holland Gamification 2 goals

What’s your goal?

First, ask yourself what the reason and objective for your game are. Whether your goals are education, networking, innovation, awareness or something completely different,
understanding your goals is fundamental to make the game successful for your meeting. Also make sure that your audience understands your purposes.

Blog Holland gamification 2 audience

Who are the players?

Your game needs to meet the needs and interests of your audience. Going beyond the standard demographics like age and gender, you might also be interested in their attitudes
towards technology and social media. If your audience is up to date with new technologies, you might also consider a mobile app-based game. Keep in mind that your audience contains different types of gamers. While some people prefer team play, you also have lone fighters, people who play just for fun and those who want to win the trophy. Try to get them all involved.

Blog Holland Gamification s startegy

The right strategy

With your goal and your audience in mind you are now able to plan your game strategy. Develop your game in such a way that it rewards the participant for a behavior that helps you to achieve your goal. If you want to solve a problem for example, you can give a trophy or badge for the best solution. Make sure that your level of difficulty is appropriate. If the goal is too challenging you can divide it into subgoals to keep your participants motivated. On the other hand they will quickly lose interest if the game is too easy.

Real-life, hybrid or virtual?

Find an appropriate platform for your game. Make sure that your venue offers the capacities you need. If your audience is familiar with mobile technoglogies and social media you can also consider a hybrid or virtual game setting. But there are also plenty of games for low-tech audiences. You can check The Game Trainers Blog for some inspirational suggestions.

Blog Holland gamification real life

After all this reading about games, fancy a little game yourself? Check out this cool ‘logo ridle‘ which I shared on my Facebook page a while back. Did you guess them all?


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