Sustainable Meetings: 4 tips to make your travel greener

In this blogpost I explore what you can do the make the travel around your meeting greener. When you organize an international meeting the delegates necessarily have to travel to the destination by car, train and/or plane. Whatever mode of transportation they choose – travelling causes CO2 emissions that increase greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. While a lot of technical advance with respect to green travel is taking place, it might stil take years before they are fully developed. Naturally nobody wants his trip to have bad consequences for the climate. Here are some tips to make your travel greener.

Eco-friendly car

1. Choose the greenest mode

If you have different options to travel to a destination, choose the transportation mode that will cause the lowest emissions for your trip. In the chart below you can see that cars and trains e.g. cause lower emissions than planes so if you have other options than flying, you should not fly.

Blog holland Sustainable meetings green travel modes

2. Book a GreenSeat

In most cases it is impossible to avoid all CO2 emissions that your trip might cause. You can decide to compensate for these emissions by booking a GreenSeat. With a calculator you assess the emissions caused by your journey and the amount that offsets them. This amount is used to supply households in developing countries with renewable energy.

blog holland sustainable meetings green travel suitcase

3. Pack a green suitcase

It might sound ridiculous at first but if everyone would travel without dispensable luggage a lot of emissions could be prevented. Every bit of extra weight requires more fuel and
therefore produces more CO2. Thus keep you suitcase as light as possible. Your will be rewarded by less weight you have to carry.

Facebook Holland Green Taxis Amsterdam

4. Explore your destination

Do a little research and check the options for green transportation at your destination. Several cities offer fully electrical or hybrid vehicles or taxi services that ride on
biofuel or natural gas. For short distances you should go for the power of man: rent a bike or walk. Check my official website for green transportation in Holland.

5. Your own best tip to make travel greener

I would love to read what tips and tricks you use to reduce travel or reduce the emissions of travel around your meeting!

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