Creative meeting design: 5 tips to make all your meetings exactly the same

Yesterday was February 2nd, Groundhog Day in the US and Canada. In many places people come together to see the groundhog awake from wintersleep. This day became internationally famous due to the comedy Groundhog Day (1993). The movie tells the story of a grumpy weatherman who gets caught in a time warp on Groundhog Day. As a consequence he has to experience this day again and again.

Sounds familiar? Are all the meetings you attend or plan exactly the same? If not, I collected five tips for you to make your meetings a truly repetitive event. Endless boredom and apathy guaranteed. Read it with a wink.

Blog Holland Creative Meetings Groundhog Day

1. Don’t change the settings

Make sure that you stick to the standard equipment. You should always use the same conference room and a persistent talking head, who feeds the sleepy crowd with information.

2. Use Powerpoint

If you still have the presentation from 1999 there is no need to make a new one. Ideally, the speaker puts as much information as possible on his slides so that the audience can read along with him. Avoid pictures and graphics. They are distracting.

Blog Holland creative meeting bad powerpoint

3. Talk business

This should be a serious business meeting so the only topic has to be business. Don’t be funny and save personal anecdotes for the coffee break.

4. Avoid discussions

Don’t allow the speaker to answer questions or stimulate discussions. Interactive sessions during a meeting are time-consuming and interrupt the speaker.

Blog Holland Creative meeting boring meeting

5. Keep the routine

If you always gather on Tuesday you should never change that. You can always think of some reason to meet even if there is actually nothing to discuss. Establish a standard agenda for all your meetings and adhere to it.

What is your experience with meetings in ‘Groundhog Day style’?

If you have other tips to add, please leave them below.

10 thoughts on “Creative meeting design: 5 tips to make all your meetings exactly the same

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  7. Wait, you forgot the instruction to always speak in a SLOW and DELIBERATE tone of voice. With pauses in . . . . unlikely places.

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