Orange glow in Switzerland at #EMEC13

The European Meetings and Event Conference in Montreux belongs to the leading educational events of the European meeting industry. It brings together meeting planners, academics, business owners, executives and managers to explore the latest research and event strategies. Therefore the programme includes various master classes, educational sessions and networking opportunities.

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As one of the biggest groups at EMEC13 we bring some orange glow to Switzerland. With 26 participants we rank right behind the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States. During the programme there will be ten Dutch speakers. Here is a preview of what you can expect:

Ruud Janssen & Mike van de Vijver: The Solution Room

A highly interactive session to learn about your co-participants and yourself. Explore your comfort zone on issues relevant to you; and extract valuable input.

Blog Holland EMEC13_ruud

David Nieborg: Gamification

Learn how to implement game mechanics and structures in non-game environments with an expert on social media, games and gamification.

Blog Holland EMEC13_david

Jitske Kramer: Cultural Rhythm Worlds

Connecting people through their differences is crucial in our globalized business world. The challenge of meeting professionals is to orchestrate meetings in which all feel included.

Blog Holland EMEC13_jitske

Monic Buhrs and Elisa de Groot: Women In Business

The founders of In Touch and designers of Stratego® for Women showcase their ground-breaking strategy workshops for women in business.

Blog Holland EMEC13 Monic

Ruud Janssen: Hybrid Events

Ruud Janssen – Techniques for creating remarkable Hybrid Events
This session will reveal key insights gained from the MPI study on hybrid meetings.

Blog Holland EMEC13_ruud

Philip Walkate & Huib Hudig: Speak To Inspire

Huib & Philip will introduce you to the essentials of writing an inspiring speech by using fundamental truths, analyzing problems, offering solutions and creating a vision that matters.

Blog Holland EMEC13_Huib

Gerrit Heijkoop & Donald Roos: How Can I Be Social?

The “How Can I Be Social” duo will show you how to apply new social technologies when organising your next meeting or event.

Blog Holland EMEC13_hcibs


Let’s meet in Montreux!

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