Add impact to your meetings & events, add some orange: Come to Holland at #EIBTM

Next week we will meet at EIBTM in Barcelona. I will show you that it’s amazing what orange can do. Add Holland’s national colour and see what happens. It adds fresh thinking and new insights to business meetings. It makes every business event unique and also, meeting in this small country has three big advantages:

  1. Holland is a compact country
  2. Holland is easily accessible and
  3. Holland is an inspirational country

Why is that?

Experience the impact of orange: get splashed!

Find out how a little bit of orange can make a difference. This is not
only true for business meetings, but also for the photo I would like to take with you.I’ll bring my bucket of orange paint and will throw it right at you (see examples from IMEX America).

To compensate for the scare, I will give you some funny orange splash frames. Select a photo showing a pleasant personal memory, then add this picture to the orange splash frame, stick both onto a wall, fridge orwhatever. And behold: your photo has more impact.

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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