25 funniest photos of Mr Holland throwing paint around at #IMEX12 in Vegas

Now that the dust of the Nevada desert has settled and the orange paint has dried, it is fun to look back at the great times we had at IMEX America last month. I have made a selection of the 25 funniest photos with me emptying my bucket of orange paint over innocent bystanders. Which one is your favourite?

According to Facebook, this picture is the most ‘likable’: 524 people liked this picture of Dan Williams, which earned Dan an original Dutch VANMOOF bike.

The ‘big shots’ in the meetings industry

Check these ‘famous faces’ from our industry; you’ll probably know them all!

Martin Sirk, CEO at International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)

Alejandro Verzoub, Site president 2012

Amy Spatrisano, co-founder of the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC)  

Bryan Bruce, better know as @bryanbruce

Some of my favourite #Eventprofs ladies: @JessicaLevin, @Contivecchi & @JeniseFryatt

People with great acting skills!

The whole concept of the ‘flying blob of orange paint’ only works by the mercy of the acting skills of the ‘receiver’. These people really acted into it!

Special encounters: Mr. Holland was not the only mascotte in Vegas!

And finally: the groups!

I really enjoyed splashing larger groups. Somehow these pictures look really realistic, don’t you think?

That’s it folks! What’s your favourite?

Looking forward to bringing my bucket of orange paint to EIBTM in Barcelona in 3 weeks. Please come by our Holland Booth (J300) to take a funny photo with me!

2 thoughts on “25 funniest photos of Mr Holland throwing paint around at #IMEX12 in Vegas

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