10 surprising Green Social Programs to make your meetings more sustainable (part 2)

Last week I wrote this blogpost about “10 surprising Green Social Programs to make your meetings more sustainable (part 1)”. Well, here is part 2 with 5 more surprising Green Social Activities.

The footprint of your meetings and events may be reduced in many ways, e.g. the venue and hotels, transportation, and food & beverage. This time, I would like to share some great Dutch examples of an often overlooked part of the meeting when it comes to CSR: the Social Program.

Be inspired! And I would love to hear what your favourite program would be.

6. Netherlands Water Museum – Mirror Walk

Every company has to deal with processes that require insight and ideas. Through the Mirror Walks that the Netherlands Water Museum offers, people are challenged to get off the normal paths and away from established thinking patterns. By literally going into the forest, the coach shows you the forest is as changeable as an organization.

Learn from nature and mirror what you see in your organization. A unique experience and a great new perspective on your organization and yourself.

7. Nature through the eye of the photographer

Marco de Paauw is one of Holland’s top nature photographers. Under his expert guidance, you will experience the beauty, versatility and fragility of Dutch nature.

You will see and experience for yourself the inspiration for those beautiful pictures you normally only see in books and magazines

8. E-step (E-scooter)

Holland is a cycling country par excellence, but we are also home to the ‘step’, a type of man-powered scooter. A twist on this classic is the e-step, an electric powered type of scooter.

Especially great for exploring nature, as the e-scooters are motorized, yet have zero emission and are completely silent. Great to combine with gaming elements, such as GPS tours.

9. Sand castles

Holland is home to a unique institute, the World Sand Sculpting Academy. The academy transforms most children’s favorite beach activity into a real art. Amazing sculptures can be admired worldwide during festivals, and now you have the opportunity to use ‘the elements’ as the building blocks for your creation.

Sand and water are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable team-building event.

10. Make your own cheese

The Dutch have a worldwide reputation when it comes to cheese. They gladly offer you a chance to discover the secret of making the best cheese.

Experience a step-by-step demonstration and workshop at a real cheese farm, and become an expert in converting fresh cow milk into cheese.

Do you have any suggestions?

Of course this only a small selection of all the possibilities. Do you have any suggestions? Please comment below!

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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