3 major public events going on in Holland this week: Floriade 2012, Heritage Day & World Port Days Rotterdam

Have you ever thought of pairing up your meeting or conference with a large local event in your destination? Let me show you 3 major public events going on in Holland this week: the World Horticultural Expo “Floriade” in Venlo, the World Port Days in Rotterdam and the   European Heritage Day.

Don’t worry if you have to miss them: the Floriade lasts untill October 7th and the other 2 events take place every year around this time.

1. World Horticultural Expo “Floriade”

The Floriade is a world horticultural expo organized in the Netherlands every 10 years. Floriade will acquaint you with more than 100 gardens and pavilions with unique flowers and plants from all around the world. Facts & figures Floriade 2012.

The Floriade park is 66 hectares in size and consists of 5 unique themed worlds, Relax & Heal, Green Engine, Education & Innovation, Environment, and World Show Stage, separated from one another by woods. Each world has its own decor, programme and activities.

An amazing show will be staged every day, such as the Floriade Harvest Show. This spectacle of acrobatics and world music performed by artists from distant lands is the trump card of the Floriade. All events and culture.


2. World Port Days Rotterdam

For 35 years Rotterdam shows the ins and outs of Europe’s largest port during the World Port Days. A large variety of port companies give youa glimpse behind the scenes of their daily operations. In the city centre along the river Maas and quaysides you will find a wide range of companies, vessels, activities and industrial material.

Apart from this the World Port Days offer you the opportunity to visit different companies by boat, bus or train. These excursions are truly one of a kind; usually you’ll never be given the chance to visit the Port’s industrial areas!

This year’s theme is all about Music: The Port of Rotterdam sounds like music! Not only will there be fascinating musical shows on the water during the weekend, special music venues on the quays will bring an abundance of musical performances every day, all day long. On Saturday afternoon the Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival will have about 20 unique concerts on the Wilhelminapier, all for free, click here for details. The city center will also harbor various performances along the maritime route from central station to the event area.


3. European Heritage Days in the Netherlands

The Open Monumentendag (Heritage Day) is designed to bring people into contact with the historic environment and to encourage interest in and understanding of historical monuments and the need for their preservation.

During Open Monumentendag – every second weekend of September – thousands of historical buildings and sites (about 4.000) are open to the public free of charge. Besides opening their doors, many locations also organize on-site activities like exhibitions, musical performances and guided tours. Each year around 80 to 85 percent of Dutch municipalities participate in the Open Monumentendag, organized by local committees. In recent years around 900,000 visitors have participated annually, making the Open Monumentendag one of the Netherlands’ premier cultural events.


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