6 new ‘hidden secrets’ of Holland: venues and meeting spaces you will not easily find by yourself

Not all venues make the guides. You need to be told about these exclusive gems by insiders who know their way around Holland. Read about my latest discoveries.

Landgoed Te Werve, Rijswijk

Situated on a 6-acre-large estate, the Te Werve Mansion dates back many centuries. Earlier excavations discovered remains dating back to around 1000 AC, but the oldest parts of the present building originate in the 15th century.

The venue will complete a major refurbishment this month, offering a majestic and stylish setting for meetings of up to 50. The historic building offers all modern facilities for meetings and first-rate service. On sunny days, the terrace offers a spectacular view of the pond and the estate.


Lijm & Cultuur, Delft

Built in 1885, the Glue and Gelatine Factory at one time offered jobs to some 1,000 people and was a major exponent of the industrial revolution in Delft. After the collapse of the US market in 2002 the factory closed its doors permanently after 117 years.

After a thorough renovation, the former factory is now an extremely versatile and characteristic venue for a broad range of events, with both an outdoor and indoor facility. If you prefer high ceilings and an industrial setting, Lijm & Cultuur is a gem to be discovered.


Het Nut, Beesd

An 18th-century building, rich in history, can be exclusively yours if you book your meeting at ‘Het Nut’ (‘The Purpose’). Het Nut is interested in the welfare of individuals and the community. Schools and banks were founded and in 1862 the building first became a bank. The vault is still there. Later on it housed  a kindergarten/school.

Renovated with respect for the historical elements, the trendy design is a wonderful combination of luxury and contemporary facilities in a relaxed setting. An inspiring and creative environment for almost any type of meeting.


Loft, Boksum

Loft, in the Friesian village of Boksum, is a former church, converted into a beautiful and inspiring venue for your next meeting. Surprising and tasteful, Loft excites the senses with fragrance, colour and taste. Image a meeting room with fresh green grass carpeting.

There is hardly anything that reminds you of a typical meeting set-up. This creative space is an invite for a ‘different’ approach to your meeting. Or how about the creative dream space in the church’s attic with rainbow tables and soft dream pillows. A setting that guarantees out-of-the-box thinking!


Palace Hotel, Noordwijk – Winner Dutch Hotel Award 2012

Sometimes even Mr Holland needs a trigger to be reminded of all the beautiful venues his country has to offer. Just recently the stunning luxury 4-star Palace Hotel Noordwijk was announced the winner of the 2012 Dutch Hotel Award (DHA).

A dedicated team that demonstrates its enthusiasm and passion for hospitality, 120 exclusive rooms and suites and eleven meeting rooms are the ingredients for a successful meeting.


Landgoed De Holtweijde, Lattrop – Winner Innovation Award

Another venue – De Holtweijde Estate in the eastern part of Holland – was presented with an innovation award for its biomass heating system. The system operates on woodchips and  provides heating for the hotel, pool and hot tap water. The system saves 75% on fossil fuel and guarantees a comfortable temperature in your meeting rooms for up to 200.

Another innovation is that you can start your meeting in a special, fully-equipped meeting coach that makes the commute from the airport to the venue easy, convenient, green and effective!


At which of these ‘hidden secrets’ would you like to organize a meeting? And why do you prefer this one? Let me know in the comments!

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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