Selection of top venues in Rotterdam

Need an original place to stay for your meeting? Or just a big venue? We’ve selected 6 of the many top venues in Rotterdam:

1. Hotel New York:

it’s one of the oldest places to stay when people needed to wait for their departure to New York… by boat! I know my girlfriends love a high tea over there and that they also have an excellent dinner menu. I can smell the sea already!

2. De Kuip:

one of the largest football stadiums in Holland would be perfect to plan a meeting at! You can plan a guided tour of the stadium as well. Manchester United fan? Watch Guidetti play with Feyenoord.

3. Ahoy:

it’s one of the largest venues in the Netherlands, but even though you may have a small convention, you can use this place for intimate meetings as well! Located in Rotterdam very well.

4. Novotel Rotterdam Brain Park:

Not only does this hotel have a 4 star rating, it’s also been reviewed very favourably! Located close to nature but also very central in Rotterdam. Tip!

5. SS Rotterdam:

you know Holland is closely connected to water, so why not use this in a meeting? Plan your meeting on a large boat!

6. De Maassilo:

when Rotterdam imported large amounts of grain they stored it here. When this was not needed anymore they transformed it into an events hall. Also good for clubbing for youngsters.

Love to know how you feel about this. Please leave a reply!

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